Like Breathing Peanut Butter

Yesterday was “Free Mojito Monday (withpurchaseofameal)” at our local pub-ery (different pub from the one we go to for Smithee drinking night) so we all partook of the generosity. I was looking forward to Monday Mojitos because I like frozen Bucket of mojito so I figured I’d like straight up mojitos just as much. After all, I’m awfully fond of Bucket o’ ‘Rita and margaritas straight up are just as tasty. It would stand to reason a mojito would work the same way right?

Welllllll…not so much. At least not for me; I have to say I was vastly under whelmed. Meh-jito. LunarGeography was all about the mojitos so perhaps I lack the sophistication to enjoy a real mojito. I am, after all, trying to get through 4 liters of White Zin boxed wine (leftover from a JSFR. Trust me, there had to be boxed wine. Unfortunately). We did get awesome food (because they have awesome food) and I also got deep fried mushrooms. Which I guess are food but I thought I’d mention them separately because they are the Bomb. TheMan will even eat them.

Sadly, TheMan was IN! A! MOOD! So he opted not to go. In his words, “Yes, I want to go out for mojitos but I don’t want to drink them with anyone else around. Tough to do in a public bar.” The heat has him crankified something fierce. Come to think on it, the heat has a lot of people crankified around here. I almost blew a gasket yesterday morning when TheMan was eating his granola bar too loudly. I was *this* close to yelling at him for also chewing on a megaphone because GODDAMN THE CRUNCHING!!!!!!


So yeah. Many people are on the verge of eating faces and I’m totally blaming the nasty, sticky hot persistent weather. It mocks us! Yesterday it was gooey, hot, and humid but with a gloomy overcast to the sky such that we thought we might get some rain. Which we really do need but no. Well sort of yes because there was some rain but I’m not convinced it wasn’t the humidity accidentally hitting 100% as it tried to maintain the steady 99% moistness it’s been hovering at for about a week. Whoops sorry that, got a bit too wet there and let the rain out. My bad. Lemmie bring the sun back out and try to warm things up a bit. Can’t have that rain actually falling, that would be silly!

My poor garden isn’t so fond of the weather either. I suppose it would help if I actually watered and weeded it occasionally. Hmmm!

I did wind up watering last night (which meant that it rained sometime in the wee hours this morning just to taunt me) and so far, things are hanging in there. I have quite a lot of grape tomatoes coming along, a nice crop of yellow tiny tomatoes on their way and perhaps 8 green big tomatoes on the 4 or 5 big tomato plants. I even got to pick my first ripe big tomato and had it in my salad yesterday. It was…not as firm as I thought it should be. I wish I remembered what kind it was so I can plant them as saucing tomatoes rather than eating tomatoes next year. Of course I’d have to get more than 3 of them to make anything out of them so maybe I’ll just not plant them again. Whatever they were.

We also tried Fried Green Tomatoes this weekend, since LunarGeography has 3 bazillion tomatoes on her 2 tomato plants (green things like her. Perhaps that is because she spends time watering them and mulching them). Fried Green tomatoes are…interesting. They are certainly firmer than I thought they would be and less acidy but just as tomato-y tasting and a bit sweeter than I expected. I don’t think I have enough southern in me to fully appreciate them because while I didn’t hate them exactly, I don’t think I need to try them again. On the other hand, I might be persuaded to give them another go as tempura Green Tomatoes.

Did I just incur the wrath of every cook south of the Mason-Dixon Line with that statement?

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    I had a similar mojito experience–meh. And also similarly, Jeff has moods like your man does! Huh!

    I hope you both are feeling better…Jeff told me that you said (on WOW) that you both were sick. I kept pestering him to let me type in a HAI to you, but he was busy on his quests and wouldn’t let me on. Jeff’s character is really ripped…if there was a sexual WOW, I bet he’d get laid a lot.

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