Variations on a Theme


Better than “Pull my finger” it’s…


Pull My Head! And in case you were wondering, the answer is “Yes, it really does.”


You know, I regularly pull my brother-in-law’s finger (‘cuz my sis wont), which he is all sorts of amused by and I pretty much know what’s going to happen. I’m not to sure what to expect if someone were to come to me and say “Pull my head!”

More disturbing than the googlie eyes or the fact that this fella’s head is supposed to come off is that he is a plush toy. That really kind of puts him in the “manufactured for kids” category right? Even though his head is designed to be pulled off of his body? Does anyone else see this as strange?

I just love him, he cracks my shit up. I mean, look at him all bug eyed and smiling and you can pull his head off and put it back on any way you see fit (and he is still happy about it too). That, my friends, is entertainment. These “Pull My Head” critters (and there are more of them) come in three flavors: Bug eyed pumpkin guy, bug eyed Frankenstein guy and bug eyed kitty cat. By the way, I recommend NOT googling ” “Pull My Head” gallery”. I was going to see if I could find a link to them but, ummm, not so much, no. I CAN give you all sorts of other links though that have nothing what-so-ever to do with happy little headless toys. Right then, moving on.

The fact that my pumpkin guy amuses me aside, who’s idea were these toys anyway? I want to know what executive sat in a chair somewhere and said “Yeah, let’s make a toy where kids can pull the head clean off. That sounds like a brilliant plan.” OK, pumpkin guy maybe. It follows the whole Sleepy Hollow headless horseman flaming pumpkin no head having anyway theme and Frankenstein…well in the sense that he is a monster (at least in the movies, he is a much different critter in the book) and that he was pieced together anyway but kitty cat? Just no. Pull the head off of a kitty cat? What sort of a good toy idea is that?

I don’t stock much credence in the whole “TV and movies need to be all happy like because violent movies make people violent” philosophy (taking each movie in a case by case fashion) but I do think that over time movies and TV have become more common place in their violence and perhaps we have all been a little desensitized bit by bit to increasing levels of violence. It don’t pack much of a punch anymore when Joe Star falls out of a speeding car. Been there, done that, saw the pictures. Now, Joe Star has to fall out of a speeding car and get run over by a semi. Ewwww! Gross, did you see that?

I think it’s a vicious cycle that TV and movies perpetuate. You can see TV for free, movies have to lure you to go out, spend the money and watch them. So how do you get people to do that? Offer them something they can’t see on the small screen. Then, of course, once the silver screen has upped the ante TV has call and raise the bet so now, TV becomes a little more so. This in turn causes the movies to stretch out just a little bit further, which causes TV to…and so on.

Eh, but that’s society. I guess now we can pull heads off critters and call it fun.

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