Man I hate August. It’s hot and nasty and humid and yucky and I wish Fall would get just here already.

TheMan has caught himself a summer head cold so he went home after lunch. Poor fella. He also had to cancel his game on account of ill…again. It has not been a good run for TheMan’s game as of late with one thing or another coming up. I still headed on out to the BadGardens though because my man is one cranky beast when he’s ill. Plus, we had a lovely bad movie to watch; Python. Hee. It was one of those fun Smithee movies which also yielded some excellent Smithee clips. Worth the watch for the whole movie even though it ain’t Oscar material by a long shot.

I left early in order to get to bed early because I do not want TheMan’s head cold. I’ll probably get it anyway but I like to try and stave it off as long as I can. Thus, I’ll probably be cranky illin Friday night and low the rest of the weekend. The come Monday I’ll be bright eyed and bushy tailed for the work week. Grrr. I have plans too so it’s doubly likely that I’ll be laid up with snot head.

We’re going to my mom’s place on Saturday for general family support and hanging out. Earlier this week, Lucy-pup lost the ability to get around with her back legs so they’ve had her into the dog doc’s to see what’s up. The Vet thinks it might be a disc thing and has her on steroids to try and reduce any swelling. If that doesn’t work, which we’re all hoping it does, poor pup might lose function in her back legs permanently. Not good. Hopefully there will be good news by the end of the week and we’ll all be celebrating Lucy-pup’s recovery.

Sunday LunarGeography and I have berry picking plans in the morning. Blackberry wine? Quite possibly. Blackberry crisp? Oh yeah babE! Can I pick enough blackberries without going stir crazy to accomplish both goals? Ummm…mmmmmaybe?

OK, this disjointed entry has got to come to a bumpy end because I gots some sleeping to do soas I do not get the sick. Stay tuned for Friday and some picto-goodness because I’m bringing my camera in to work. I have something interesting brewed up for the JSFR blogaversary and it involves My Second Favorite Asian Grocery Store, the camera and snacks. Mysterious!

2007: I had to look up what a dry sink was.

2006: JSFR:Dekavita.

2005: JSFR: Happi Mixed Crackers

2004: Ran the hell over a bunch of mole hills too (for the record, the mower does not so much like mowing mounds of dirt. Makes a weird “brrrrrWHAP” noise) and came to the conclusion that our lawn is the Ritz of the mole world.

2003: This marks the first wine making I have participated in from start to finish and it’s pretty darn exciting. Our first wine! Awwwww, it’s so cuuuute!

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