The Friday Five (10/17)!

Notice the date, TheMan suggested that one (and I had to concur after seeing the listing there at the side. Friday Five, Friday Five, Friday Five…). Hmmm, well I tried to flesh out the Five as best as I could but really, this weeks offering could have been the lamest yet (including the whole May 16th eggs thing which I am way too lazy to link to…sucks to be you). The sacrifices I make for you people!

1. Name five things in your refrigerator.

Hee. Is that 5 edible things? I just went shopping yesterday so there are more things in there than there were before I unloaded the bags but usually there are:

1. Some sort of cheese. Currently, we are finishing off the pepper jack cubes and we have the standard parmesan cheese shaker can (makes darned fine biscuits BTW) and last night I got some sharp cheddar (a staple in the Q house) and brick cheese. I vaguely remember having this once or twice but I couldn’t tell you what it tastes like.

2. Booz fixings. Various pearl onions in or out of vermouth and a couple different kinds of martini olives reside in the fridge as well as maraschino cherries (good in vodka) and some Baileys. No fridge is complete without the big assed bottle of baileys.

3. OJ. TheMan is the OJ drinker of the house so we usually get the huge-o bottle of OJ (and he downs it in three days) but occasionally I like a giant glass of the stuff. It took me forever yesterday to find OJ that was somewhat pulp. They had one bottle of it and three zillion bottles of all pulp all the time (glah) and 2.5 zillion bottles of no pulp what-so-ever (*shudder*). They just don’t cater to the middle man any more.

4. Fruits. It varies but I think the fruits hanging out in the fridge right now are strawberries (that need to go), a lime (that needs to go), plums (that need to go), apples (I just bought yesterday, they can stay) and a grapefruit, which should still be good. Anything else in there is no longer recognizable as a fruit and probably needs to go.

5. Sauces. The door is full of odds and ends sauces and dressings things. We have only one ketchup bottle but three or four different kinds of mustard (wasabi raspberry mustard, Plockmann’s yellow squeezy mustard, some dark spicy mustard and I think horseradish mustard). Don’t know what that’s about. There are also various meat sauces, I think some yakatori sauce, maybe some BBQ sauce, certainly some soy (or do we keep that in the cupboard?). There was a ton of panda sauce (in restaurant sized packages) but I may have booted them into the trash. TheMan keeps some weird stuff in the fridge. Maybe I ought to go through the door and see what’s still good.

2. Name five things in your freezer.

1. BOOZ! Vodka and gin primarily.

2. Bagels. TheMan and I go to Panera’s and get the multi bagel pack and freeze them for breakfasts during the week.

3. Ice Pops. Been there for 2 years. A whole damned case of the bastards. Anyone want a freezy pop?

4. Coffee. Mmmm, Beanerella’s Highlander Grogg.

5. Meat things. I think we have some brats, spicy bean burgers maybe chicken somethings.

3. Name five things under your kitchen sink.

If I hadn’t just put the extra dish soap down there last night I’d be clueless. Lets see…

1. Dish soap (hee)
2. Swiffer sheets (I think)
3. Garbage Bags
4. A bottle of orange goo. I think it belongs in the cleaning family, whatever it is.
5. Ummm…the plumbing for the sink?

4. Name five things around your computer.

Here or at home? At work I have:
An Apple, Hand Cream, Pencil caddy (of doom), staple remover and a fiche reader (and lots of other crap because my desk is the repository for all things odd).

At home I have the portable powerbook so mostly whatever is around me wherever I am is what’s around the computer. This most likely includes:

A cat, two cats, cat fur (most definitely cat fur), some sort of drinkage (does it count if it is in reach? Or does it have to be right close?), power adapter (plugged right into the computer), some sort of weird stuffed thing and occasionally something I am fiddling with, either something I’m writing about or something that amuses me or anything shiny.

5. Name five things in your medicine cabinet.

1. D.O.
2. Claritin. Taaaasty Claritin. I love you Claritin.
3. Hair Ties (when they are not in the food dishes. Everyone knows that hair ties belong in the food dish!)
4. First Aid Stuff: Band-aids for sure, I think some Neosporin too.
5. Dust. Lots of dust. Dusty dust. TheMan has been renovating and everything is covered in a palatable layer of dust. It makes neat shapes in the shelves though (we have glass shelves in the medicine cabinet) when you remove something.

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