Down for the Count

Wow (the expression). This is going to be the easiest weekend recaps ever:
Friday: *cough* I’m feeling punk, Ima going to go to bed.
Saturday: *coughwheeze* Ima feeling crappy, gonna hafta cancel going to mumses.
Sunday: *coughwheezelung-hoark* Ima feeling extra-super illin, gonna hafta cancel berry picking and gaming on account of TRYING TO EVICT MY LUNGS!
Monday: * coughwheeze* Ima running on 4 hours of interrupted sleep on account of excessive lung butter, sorry boss, won’t be coming in.
Today: *cough* Urgle…I’m feeling…ummm…better? Maybe? Dizzy? OOoooo, a little. Congested? Check. Would I send me home if I heard me coughing and hacking? Oh yeah. Sorry boss, going to be staying home one more day.

That pretty much sums up my weekend plus one. I didn’t even get to cooking or baking anything cool to share with you all because of exTREME illin. Being an asthmatic with a lung cold sux giant snotty moose wang, let me tell you. Also, since when are discarded lung bits pointy? My throat has been raw since most of the later half of the weekend from coughing and last I knew, lung ejecta was squishy, not abrasive. That’s not right! Fortunately I still have some leftover “magic mouthwash” from when I was illin at the beginning of the year. Hooray for Lidocaine and its awesome throat numbing abilities!

Leftover meds is gooooo-ooood.

Unless you are a kidlet or one of those people of strong moral fortitude reading this blog. In which case it is absolutely wrong and immoral to self medicate like that and you should always, always see a doctor about these things before grabbing medicine off your shelf. I’d say more but my mouf iff mumb.

Things of note that I did do: WoW (the game). Well I wasn’t berry picking or hanging with my peeps and there are only so many hours in the day you can sleep. Those that I weren’t snoozing away I spent basically boogering around doing stupid stuff. Nothing of great note, because even Warcraft was tiring me out, but I did get on Tan, crazy Gnome Extraordinaire and hell road to a couple places. Did not hell ride off the edge of the world, which I consider my greatest accomplishment of the weekend.

Oh! I did do something sorta awesomeish: My first major transmute. Huzzah! A bit ago I worked on Tan’s alchemy and maxed it out. Whoot. Thus, I got the two recipes for high level transmuting from the trainer guy: Make elemental stuff into coolness and make bits of gems into coolness. The rest is all learned from “discoveries” while doing transmutes or possibly some sort of transmute fairy god gives you the recipe or something. OK, maybe I’m a little fuzzy on that part of the game but it could conceivably involve god fairies. Maybe?

Anyway, I did my very first awesome transmute of significance and BWAM! I got a discovery too! Hawsome! Sadly, of all the cool things that I *could* have discovered, I got the “You can now change one of these things you have a metric shit-ton of into one of these things that you only have a standard shit-ton of – hooray!” Great, Tan can now effectively turn water into Kool-Aid. Sharkleberry Blue Kool-aid at that. Ah well, at least I have a lot of material to work with to maybe discover something actually useful.

2007: JSFR: Hippo Cookies?

2006: JSFR: UCC Coffee (Original Blend with Milk)

2005: Looking for my lung and not updating.

2004: I always want to chant “Aiiiiir ferrrnnnn, Aiiiiir ferrrnnnn” at like it I was at a basketball game.

2003: We then went on for about five minutes with big assed silly and slightly scary teethy grins on our faces. Look! I’m Mr. T Tall Teeth! *GRINS*

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