Five Random Friday Things

Christmas in August!

Thing One: Do you know what sucks? Coughing so hard you throw up. Did that last Sunday whilst I was motoring from room to room. Fortunately, it wasn’t a full blown stomach puke but more an over active gag reflex puke and was mostly water (and snot! Yum, TMI theater!) anyway. I was able to contain the incident until I could get to the sink. But! Do you know what sucks even more? Waking up at 2:30 in the morning coughing like a three carton a day smoker. I went back on the Robitussin to quiet that noise down and lo! I expectorated so hard that I gag puked in bed. It’s harder to contain that when lying down so 3 in the morning found me doing a full bed change. Fortunately, the old sheets were red because I not only evicted water and snot, but the Robitussin as well.

Don’t you wish you had my life?

Thing two: I had another one of those conversations with a militant vegan today which makes me want to take the lot of you and dump y’all on a small isolated island somewhere where you can’t get back and you can’t call out. Seriously, you nice vegans, of which there are really a whole lot more of than people give credit, need to have a talk with your more vocal, obnoxious brethren. Being told that eating meat is akin to rape in that no matter what you call it, the act is still vile and if I think otherwise I’m deluding myself does not bend me towards your cause. In fact, now I really feel like going out and finding a chicken, fish and cow and eating them on the spot.

I like meat. I like meat a lot. I am disturbed that the meat industries keep horrific practices and I’m not keen that animals suffer before I eat them, but I’m perfectly fine knowing that an animal died so that I could eat it. That’s how a predator/prey relationship work and humans are built omnivore; which means we occasionally prey on other animals. Look at the canine teeth and the foreword facing eyes for stereoscopic vision. You don’t need that for stalking plants.

Thing three: Aubergine! I am gifted with eggplants! I have no idea what to do with them. MomQ suggested baba ganoush so it looks like I’m going to be experimenting this weekend. WHOOOOO!

Thing four: Ice Cream! We are having a Smithee night/ice cream social this weekend. Badmovie has three different kinds of vanilla and wanted to know what the difference really was. I suggested making three kinds of ice cream. He has a movie called Mr. Ice Cream Man. The rest will be history…I hope.

Thing five: What was I going to say about Thing five? I keep remembering and then forgetting. Hmmmm. Coughing, vegans, egg plant, ice cream (which should never again be that close in a sentence. Ever)… Double hmmmm! OH! Black holes! We were talking about black holes the other day and two of the four people said “I don’t understand black holes…so I don’t believe that they exist.” Errr…what? When I told TheMan this he quipped that he didn’t understand carburetors but he’s pretty sure they exist.

One of the non believers was having trouble comprehending what was inside a black hole and was having the toughest time understanding how much a black hole squishes things. I tried coming up with an analogy of “Think of the universe as a wad of fresh cotton candy. Now cram that into a bag. That’s what a black hole does with stuff.” but even that didn’t help. Pity, I kinda liked my cotton candy explanation.

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