Some Random Friday Pictures

Stone Gargoyle Guy.

The Reading Room restoration project is getting along nicely these days. They recorked the floor all last week and the tables and table mounts started reappearing earlier this week. No chandeliers yet.

Gettin jiggy with the camera.

After walking around a bit, I noticed these little fellas adorning some random window on the side of one of the dorm wings (I think). Heh.

Apparently Brideshead Revisited is a big secret. Who knew?

This was actually my destination. We had gotten talking about the old Frieeze building, or what there is left of it (that arch way). *sniff* Poor Frieeze building.

Looking through the structure to beyond.

I also ran across this statue fella. I’m not sure what he’s doing there, possibly tossing salt over his shoulder?

For Sean-Whose-Name-is-Nate: The building grows!

2007: clicky clicky what?

2006: Apparently, the first step to making an ice cream sundae is flinging the tupper tub of homemade ice cream out of the freezer and onto the floor. I managed to get that step down pat.

2005: That was one of my irks about Pirate Jack the Skeletal Mattress; the fact that the sheets were deeper than the mattress so over a couple of days we would get wicked wrinkles in the bottom sheet.

2004: JSFR – Azuki Daifuku Mochi

2003: Shame and horrors; I am going to have to say The Smithees caused me to answer (ohio) for this one. How depressing.

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  1. momq Says:

    your statute is mourning the loss of the Frieeze building

  2. Boo Says:

    OooooOOoooo! I never thought of that. True, true, the statue and the Frieze building probably had a nice friendship going over the years seeings as they are pretty close to each other. Poor statue.

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