Just Babbling

The Friday Five was really sort of a let down so I figured I’d write another entry because all three of my loyal fans have been reading pretty much crap all week. It’s been one of those weeks. So, other than quizzes and lists of things in my fridge, what has been going on? Glad you asked!

First off, go take a look see at the comments on the Japanese Snack Food Review: Jelly Cake (Brown). Hi Randal of the 2 Ls! He lives in Japan and can actually read the Jelly Cake writing. I still don’t recommend eating them though. *shudder* We cracked open the green one last night and I’ll have that all reviewed and posted for you on Saturday. Today I’ll give you a special sneak preview that says “more of the same” or maybe “It’s really not easy being green”. More on that later.

In case you were wondering what is going to be coming up next, the Happi Snacks Crackers have been sampled and a rough draft write up is floating around the living room somewhere but I need to do just one more bit of tasting in order to complete review. I tried Yan Yan and I think I even have a pic of it somewhere but it has gotten lost in the ether and I can’t find my notes so I went out yesterday and bought another Yan Yan. I got one in strawberry too. I also got a Botan Rice Cake (which TheMan keeps calling Botan Death March Rice Cake) so that’s what’s on deck more or less. It all depends on my whim, of course.

Heh, all my rough draft write ups are these cryptic notes jotted on the back of LC cards. These little bastards are everywhere with all sorts of weird things written on them. Right now I have one with instructions on how to turn the powersave option off on an HP 8150DN printer. It tells me:

Power Save off
-> Menu handling

Reset menu
+/- for off & on

The second card in that stack has the name and info of the tech I spoke with who told me all that stuff on the first card (although he made way more sense than that). There you go, now you too can turn the powersave option off on an HP 8150DN printer. When you figure it out, can you give me a call? Damn, I write stuff like this all the time. I wish I could find (and that’s my second problem) the 3×5 I wrote the Jelly Cake (Green) notes on. That’s even less coherent.

I went shopping last night (and yes, my shopping list was written on an LC card. Go figure) and picked up some interesting things. Mostly I was going for some crunchy happy snacks for TheMan who was home illing. He has picked up the winter flu bug that has hit town and it has laid him right low so I thought I’d pick him up something he had a hankering for. Plus, we were getting low on TP, DO and dish soap. That would have been a bad day if all three ran out at once.

Never go shopping hungry. My list had on it in order (hee, I found it in my pocket!): Snack Crunchies, D.O., Tape? (Probably a Sam’s thing but I wasn’t sure where I was going when I wrote the list so…) cheddar cheese, OJ, dish soap, Halloween Candy (for the office), Japanese Snack Food (hey, I’m running out! No really!), disposable cameras (again, not a grocery store item but you never know) and Fruit. What did I wind up getting? Fruit (check), 3 Japanese Snack Foods (check), 2 bottles of saki, hommus, pitas, cheddar (check) and brick cheese, 4 bags of chocolate eyeballs, a GlowInTheDark thing for bubbles, cocoa peeps in bat form for mumses, crescent rolls, OJ (check), dish soap (check), Clorox window wipes, TP, DO (check), veggie corn dog poppers, potato stuffed chicken breast, asparagus and cheese stuffed chicken breast, peanuts, popcorn, black bean burgers, milk, mini milanos in mint and regular and three cheese goldfish crackers. Oi!

The potato chicken doogers were tasty but the asparagus not so much. I’m not even going to talk about the milanos. Mmmm, milanos. I brought the bags in to work and gave them to the folks here. Man oh man, mini milanos rock. Tonight we are going to do cheese filled crescent rolls with soup. Feel good food for TheMan.

After cooking up the tasty chicken deelies, we watched some more Star Gate: SG-1. We have been watching the episodes we haven’t caught all the way through and then listening to the director’s commentary right after and just skipping to the director’s commentary for the ones we have seen. I love some director’s comments stuff but sometimes you just want to say Shut-Up! No, SHUT-UP-SHUT-UP-SHUT-UP! So far, of the movies that I have seen the director’s commentaries to I’ll say two big thumbs up for Army of Darkness (yay! Bruce!) and more thumbs up for Highlander (total crack, I’m telling you. W.H.A.C.K.E.D) and just no to Sleepy Hallow. SG-1 is following the same lines where sometimes you get directors that are so damn-assed boring that they could give you the secrets of the world and you would still not care. Others are just pure entertainment.

Last night, for instance, we were listening to one where the Technical Director was prompting the director to say something, anything just so the dead air (well, technically the show is playing in the background so…) didn’t hang so heavy. Several times I almost asked TheMan if he had hit a button and taken us out of the Director’s Commentary track. Folks, it aint entertainment if ten, twelve, seventy times during a 45 minute show you hear “…and tell us about that shot”. Who cares, SHUT-UP!

On the other hand, Peter DeLuise cracks both our shit right the hell up. He directed two in the first disc and (yay for us) our favorite episode yet to date (the groundhog’s day one) and he is whacked with a capital W. The first one he sang an impromptu song about the slow camera pan over the Egyptian dude’s sarcophagus and it just got funnier and nuttier from there. He also had all sorts of fun gems about directing including shots that went totally different than planned, actor antics, tricks they did to make things seem different and other neat little behind the scenes cool stuff. It was all interspersed between fun banter with the second dude who was doing the commentary and just fun to watch. Peter DeLouise is my hero!

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  1. mum Says:

    Just as a point of information, my peeps are being eaten by someone other than me. I find them open and then locked in a zip lock bag (so much for great stale peeps) and then gone. Who could it be?

  2. boo Says:

    Damn peep gnomes!