The Come Back Cold

I’ve got nuttin’ for you on the cooking front because the Cold up and took me out this weekend. On the plus side, the Aubergines were roasted up and are awaiting baba ganoushing. When I’m not illin I’ll baba ganoush those puppies. RARH!

Friday I took a nap and woke up Saturday. Damn cold.

Saturday we decided to hit one of the big people instances in Warcraft but couldn’t get past the final boss because of lag. This sucks giant moose wang since this is a fight our group should have gone through like wet tissue. But no. Round one, one of the DPS class guys lagged out and we couldn’t take down the dude fast enough. Wipe. Round two the tank lagged out which meant that the other DPS guy suddenly was tanking. He died, we wiped. Round 3 I started lagging out and since I’m the party’s healer, we wiped. Round 4 it was space aliens or whatever, doesn’t matter because the damned lag killed us all. Again. Sux.

After that, TheMan made ice cream and I did something or other. Maybe I napped? I can’t remember but by 6ish we were all ice creamed up and ready to go to the BadGardens for Hell Hounds of Alaska and Mr. Ice cream Man. The short is: Chocolate ice cream and Baily’s makes an AWESOME smoothie, The Hell Hounds of Alaska should have really been named The Gullible Drunks of Wyoming, Mr. Ice Cream Man was poorly filmed but didn’t make the amateur mistakes you would have expected (and was kinda fun regardless), Hush Puppies WROCK yo and you CAN taste the difference in three different kinds of vanilla.

Also, Badmovie’s car is shorter than I expected so I had a headache all night long from a-whackin’ my head.

Saturday Night and into the not so wee hours of Sunday morning found me trying to evict a lung. I got some reading in but I was toast for doing anything Sunday. Damn cold. I dredged up “A Brief History of Time” and started that, watered my poor garden, ate some hamburgers and napped. I also laundry napped and slept in. I am officially sick of coughing. Damn cold.

2007: JSFR: Kabaya Tomato Pretz

2006: My foot was trying to get a message to my head, but the plork was under strict orders not to wake the head until a more reasonable hour.

2005: That’s 21 days of shipping! What the hell is it doing for 21 days…Sightseeing? Bar hopping? Walkabout? Mini-course on global economics?

2004: Polyester and hot burner don’t get along, apparently.

2003: So I did what every red blooded American would do when they see a spider the size of Cleveland (but with more electricity) racing through their house. I grabbed the nearest cat and plopped it down in the spider’s path.

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    We need another movie theme night that involves hush puppies. Those were awesome!

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