“Dogs Have Owners, Cats Have Staff”

I have no idea who said that quote but I have a pretty good idea who this is.


That is a me-eyed view of what I wake up to every morning (more or less); the “I” on my person looking for his morning scritchies. He is a demanding Cat Boss. On the plus side, he’s pretty reasonable and will go away if I am not yet ready to wake up. I think a year of batting at him from deep sleep trained him way back when he was a wee kitty. Just because I move around like I am awake is no guarantee that I am in fact awake or even sociable. It’s better for all to make sure that I am truly awake before demanding morning scritchies. It’s a lesson everyone should take to heart.

I haven’t waxed anything on the Weirdoes lately and this weekend I took a bunch of snaps of them so I thought I’d share. I was going to do a “Day in the Life” pictorial entry of the Weirdoes (collective cat noun in the Q house) but I found out that most of what they do is sleep. A lot. Lots of lots. Just plop down on the couch for a Friday night for some SG-1 action and


BOOM! Cats. So I got a lot of sleepy cat pics and a few other pics. Mostly they are Vande-cat pics because Isaak was in a snit and takes terrible pics anyway. I have no idea what that is about but he is just not photogenic. Eh, cats.


Here is the Little Kitty “helping” me with a journal entry. She is an old pro at this. The Vande-cat loves her some lap to climb up on and will purr and squirm and be all obnoxious until you start petting her. It’s just her way. Incase you were wondering, Vande (rhymes with candy), Vande-cat, Little Kitty, Pooch cat, and Dragon Kitty breath are all names I am wont to call her now and then. Mostly it’s either some incarnation of Vande or Little Kitty. It does not much matter what I call her since she doesn’t respond to any of them unless there is food AND you have it on the ground (maybe she’s all paranoid about “take backs”?) or if you happen to be paying attention to Isaak.

Vande also likes to help out in other ways. This weekend we were puttering downstairs so I let the cats have free reign of the first floor and basement. Usually they are barred from the kitchen and basement by a kid gate (the kitty gate in the Q house) but eventually their litter box will be downstairs so I wanted them to get used to being there. Isaak was having NONE of it, but the Little Kitty was all about the exploring.


Yes, it’s blurry. She would not sit still for a pic; too much to sniff, too many nooks to sit in and BOXES! OH MY GOD BOXES! BOOOOOOOOOOOXXXXXXES! True fact: if you put a box down in the Q house within 30 seconds Vande-cat has come around to check it out and within 45 seconds she is in the box. The Vande-cat belongs in the box. She is my resident organizer


even organizing herself. Heh. I was first made aware of her l33t ski1z way back when I lived with the Jer-meister. He had a pair of hiking boots and I had one of those (or several really) tiny globe shaped oil lamps with the 1″ funnel for filling them. The funnel usually sat on the entertainment center behind the lamps, but because anything not nailed down is a cat toy it became dislodged from its place and wound up on the floor. Whereby the Little Kitty happened by and decided that the funnel belonged in the boot. Jer went to put on his boots and OW! Funnel (of course she dropped it down wide part first. Of course).

He took it out and went to go get something for his foot and came back to discover that the funnel was gone from where he had placed it and back in the boot. Vande was quite pleased with herself. He called me over and told me to “Watch this!” and took the funnel out of the boot (and I was wondering where that funnel had gotten off to) and put it on the floor. Vande-cat gave him a disgruntled look, carefully picked the funnel up by the small end and dropped it back into the boot. Since then all manner of things have belonged in “the shoe” or in “the boot”. And the kitty? Belongs in the box.

Other times, the kitties will be hanging out on the bed and sometimes, they hang out together


until the “I” decides to beat up on the Little Kitty. 75% of all cat fights in the boo house are initiated by Isaak.

Mostly the “I” is the unsociable one. For the record, Isaak (the Siamese cat) is sometimes referred to as the “I”, Isaak, kitty-kitty (although that seems to work for both), Buhhdy, or Stinkycat. Just so you know. Anyway, “I” used to be my explorer cat while Vande was my hidey cat but over the years the roles have changed. Don’t know what’s up with that but Isaak might initially come out to check out any action and then hole up in the bedroom (but on the bed, no underneath for him! Oh no, it’s not like he is uncomfortable with people about, of course not. He’s just…antisocial. Yeah, thats it!) until everything is done. Vande is more likely to come out much later but stick around. If there are new people, they just might have fingers for scratching. Vande is my love slut.


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  1. Kevin Says:

    Completely apropos of nothing, one of my favorite dog quotes is:

    Having a dog is like having a brain-damaged friend with really good reflexes.