SAST Friday

I’m kinda getting in to this random Friday thing.

RANDOM THING ONE: The Reading Room is this close to being finished. OoooOOoooo! Excited SQUEEEE! They’ve been working on the lighting/restoration project since March so it’s nice to see them enter the back stretch as it were. The past few weeks they have been putting in and sealing a new cork flooring (halleluiah! Damn but the old cork was getting nasty) and as of today it’s pretty much all done save a couple tricksey corners. The tables are all back, in and lit and the bookshelf lights are all in and working.

Speaking of which, the day they were hooking up the table lights they had one half of the room lit in the morning, a couple more rows in the afternoon and the whole thing ablaze when I left for the day. It was like that horror story cliché where the haunted room starts turning itself on (oh noes!) except in this case it was over the period of a day. Collegic Gothic don’t move as fast as sterile Sci-Fi I guess. Eh. Boo. Whatever, put a Cheeto in my haunting.

I ran into one of the lighting guys on the way in yesterday and asked about the chandeliers. There are 22(ish) giant wrought iron monstrosities that they lowered down and sent off to be refurbished at the beginning of the whole project. Several weeks ago they put the dangles back in (or whatever one calls the fancy hook-y part the lights hang off of) and I was all asquee because dangles in meant that chandeliers can’t be too far behind right? Right? Wrong. According to the lighting guy the chandeliers will be coming back during winter break so we’ll be living with the current set up of dangles with safety lights for the fall semester.

I’m half tempted to tell the returning students that the project IS finished. What do you mean the safety lights look tacky? Y’all said that you wanted more light in the reading Room and now you have it. Enjoi.

RANDOM THING TWO: I’m really revved up for ‘sperimenting in the kitchen this weekend. I’ve printed out a recipe for Chicken Tika Masala and I’m going to create a sea food Shepard’s pie. A Fishmonger’s pie as it were. Wish me luck!

SAD RANDOM THING NUMBER THREE: Lucy pup has gotten no better really. Mumses and Mr. Paul took her into the vet’s last week and the vet said “Well, we can keep going for another month…miracles do happen.” That’s never a good sign but hopefully Lucy will stumble onto a miracle and be up and running around soon. Poor pup.

ANGRY THING NUMBER FOUR: Fucking cricket insurgent.


2007: Stupid game, made me feel like a heel for walking in all “Hi, I’m your queen. And also, I’ll need to poison your food MmmKay? Great!”

2006: random thing number 2006: NO UPDATING!

2005: Besides, TheMan was having himself a nice tubby soak and that would have been just awkward doing my foots thing while he was in the tub.

2004: JSFR: Wasabi Peas.

2003: I suppose TheMan was the last person I had a crank with (which is slightly different than an argument in that there is really no basis or logic for my being cranky so everything pisses me off) but it was more likely a hormonal or lack of sleep outburst which I tend to do now and then.

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