The New Mrs. Q!

Can you guess what I’ve been doing? Go on, guess! I’ll give you a hint; I have been writing a certain last name over and over again to get some practice. Q is an odd duck letter to write! Heh, I’m such a dork.

So things have been rolling right along in the Wedding Prep area and this entry is going to be all about that so if you are bored now then I suggest you come back later when I talk about something more palatable for you. So then, 18 days. 18. Days. Wow. Someone stole the months of February through September because it was just last week when I started on the whole origami folding experience. Was too. Where did the time go?

We have everything all neatly set in line though, I think. We checked in with the reception hall, they still have us on the books and we paid the damage deposit. We checked in on the caterers and they are A-OK (and even A-Okayer because we have less people than our original estimate which knocked a pretty penny off the grand total. Whooo). The florist is doing the florist thing and that’s all good and we have a complete sound system now for the tunes. We checked in with the Pastor and gave him our reading list and while we were there we touched bases with the music guy and talked briefly with him. TheMan e-mailed off some hymn choices of ours and I have no idea what they are so if you are curious, I just can’t help you. I am from a catholic upbringing, we didn’t sing hymns. After all, that’s what the choir was there for! We do have one about loaves bounding all over that I chose. It’s really funky, you can dance to it. Is that a good quality in a hymn? So the church business is squared away.

Dress. Shoes. Vail. Check, check, check. Undies, well not so much. Hold on…there. All taken care of. I love the internet. So yeah, I have my earrings, my something old (my G’ma’s engagement diamond), my something new (ohhh, take your pick…dress, engagement diamond, shoes, undies. Blech, that’s a bad one) and my sis offered a blue garter that I could borrow and I do believe there may be a tuppence floating around somewhere for my shoe. How uncomfortable. I have hair appointments for a trial run and an appointment for the day of (doah, I forgot to tell Mom Q. that I got her an appointment as well. None of the other ladies wanted to get cuts and such so that’s that) and we have rings. The bride is set.

The groom, he’s going to be whisked away this Friday to the all night drinking an debauchery fest known as The Bachelor Party. Us girls are going to have a quiet night of booz and food and videos. I like the sounds of our night better! Whooopah! I did tell TheMan that he has to let me know what goes on because I want to see if we did indeed have more fun. Ha! Groom has all his groom stuff in order, the groom is set.

We accidentally folded all the favor boxes (and may I take a moment to interrupt this piece to say OW MY HANDS) Sunday night when we went over to DQs to hang and fold. I expected we might get 30 done but no! All three of us, possessed by demons cranked out 85 of those suckers. 85! Damn. That’s a lot of SG-1 watching. It took us about 4 hours. Ow. My sis got in contact with the chick who has the floating oil lamp things and DQ finished all the cloth whatsits and all the origami guys are folded and we have leaves coming in with the florists and we have bowls. The tables are set! Well, OK we need to buy M&Ms for the favor boxes but then, the tables are set!

We even have kid bags lined up so bored kids can doodle around and stuff during the reception. Heh! What we don’t have are the programs made up, the rehearsal invites out, and a few of the gifty things decided. Hey, that’s not so bad! Oh, we have to dink with the tunes a bit too, but still.

I am sure I will find other things that will come up. Currently, I am waiting for my birth certificate to wing its way from Seattle. I called my mom, unable to find what I thought was my Birth Cert only to discover she didn’t have it and what I had really wasn’t a birth certificate anyway. Huh! Seems to me I remember having this problem way back in 8th grade for the Toronto trip. I have been certless for a bit I think. I ordered two, just in case.

So there you go. You are updated! Huzzah!

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