‘Sperimentin In The Kitchen

Soup and Proto-soup!

The cold abates slowly, which really cranks me off because I’ve been coughing for all of August now. On the plus side, every weekend I feel just a touch more human so I take it that the cold is indeed giving ground. This weekend I actually felt well enough to do some puttering about in the kitchen. So I did.

Friday I did nothing in the kitchen, except maybe eat the last of the ice cream. Oddly, the shorts I had worn earlier this week were much snugger when I put them on Friday night. Maybe those two facts are related. Hmmmm. To round (heh) out the evening, I think we played a metric chair-ass load of Warcraft and got a good chunk of EXPs on Tan, my not quite 70 warlock.

Saturday we also played Warcraft with the gang during the morning, which must have not been so spectacular since I can’t remember what we did. Maybe we boogered around. TheMan got his warlock up to 70 (huzzah!) and I got even more EXPs on Tan. I predict that the crazy little gnome will be 70 by the end of the week. We took a break around midday and I went out shopping for supplies. There was going to be a souping because I had found a bunch of celery hanging out in the crisper from way, way long ago. Like Jambalaya celery long ago. Yikes. It hadn’t gone bad yet so I took that as a sign from the cooking gods that I should go ahead and make stock.

Besides, my freezer is full of carcasses that need to be souped.

My freezer is also full of stock from carcasses long gone boiled so I made soup along with the stock (proto soup!) so I didn’t feel like too much of a freak for having a bazillion freezer tuppers of stock. Currently I have just 10 tuppers of stock (five new from this last batch) and one more stock’s worth of carcasses to cook up. Plus a whole turkey that I really should cook up before Thanksgiving. You know, so I can make room for the awesome After Thanksgiving Turkey Deals this year.

I might have a freezer stock (heh) piling problem…

I think I started the stock around 8pm in hopes that the kitchen would be cooler by then because DAYUM! Lately it’s been hot and nasty around these here parts and you don’t want to be making stock in a kitchen that’s already 87 degrees and 70% humidity. By 1am we finished up more boogering around on Warcraft and the stock was looking done so I figured I’d turn off the burner and deal with it in the morning. I assumed it wouldn’t suffer too long standing out (at least I hoped it wouldn’t, they are always telling you not to do that sort of thing because o’ soup bugs or whatever) but I was also going to get up early Sunday to take care of it none-the-less. I was thinking that it might take the pot two or three hours to cool down and sitting around for another two or three hours shouldn’t hurt it (yes indeed, I planned on getting up around 8. In the morning!)

7:30am rolled around and I thought I ought to deal with the soup. It had, after all, been cooling its heels for 6 or so hours and I didn’t want it to grow soup bugs. Imagine my surprise when I touched the pot and YOWTCH! Hot! Apparently 16 quarts of furiously boiling stock takes longer than 6 hours to cool down because that puppy was hot hot hot. I think by 10 or so it was the temperature of festively warm bath water (the kind where you can keep your hand in it but only after a couple rounds of acclimatizing said hand to the water). Krazy!

Also krazy: I made soup, stock, and Chicken Tikka Masala marinade on Saturday and then Sunday I made tomato sauce and fishmonger pie. We decided not to cook up the Chicken Tikka Masala because I made the fish pie and it seemed a shame to not eat both dishes fresh and hot and I didn’t want to be having two dinners in one night. I’ll have the recipe and pics up on Tuesday because we’re going to fire up the grill tonight and make us some CHICKEN!

And I still have not made the baba ganoush either. Or the zucchini bread.

The Fishmonger pie turned out delicious for all definitions of delicious save the tilapia element, which was fishy and sort of meh. I want to try it with a less FISHY fish and a slightly different sauce before I write up a recipe for it, so no Fishmonger Pie recipe either. This also leaves me room to experiment a little before setting the recipe in stone, maybe make it with a tater hat instead of a pie crust hat. What cheese would go well with fish? Asiago maybe? Hmmm!

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5 Responses to “‘Sperimentin In The Kitchen”

  1. Bailey Says:

    parmesian goes very very will with salmon. And honey, lemon too… ooh ooh! And breadcrumbs. Baked in tinfoil. I can’t find our receipe though, so you’ll have to speriment.

  2. Boo Says:

    Mmmm…fresh grated parm. I might have to experiment a couple times on this. 🙂

  3. Kevin Says:

    You bake ’em in tinfoil, then at least the space lasers can’t get ’em first.

  4. Boo Says:

    But…but…space laser baked salmon is so tasty!

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