These Shoes Were Made for Walking

Check them out: My snazzy new not-Birks. On a related note, there is no limit to the hate my feet have for me today. Hmmm, perhaps six years of continuous Birk wearing has a downside.

So you might be wondering about the new shoes, which are in fact elevenzies and not tennies (BWA! I crack me up), and the scoop is this: On Labor Day, TheMan and I along with the Qs will be walking across the Macinac Bridge in the annual Labor Day Walk across the Bridge thing. Actually I think they have a cooler name for it but whatever. They open the northbound traffic side to pedestrians and let them mosey across from St. Ignace to Mackinac City. That’s five miles of bridge strolling incase you wondered. 5 miles! I wore my shoes for one day of relatively inactive work and my dogs were fit to be tied.

Do you know the blistering (except not literally, thankfully) hate a foot can work up after a whole day of being encased by shoe? It’s a hate of a thousand angry foot parts that have been living in open sandals or without shoes at all for the past couple of years. Boucoup hate, people. I am not, however, traveling five miles of bridge in Birks so my feet will have to deal. I plan on wearing the evil elevenzies of doom on Friday as well to work my feet out a little more before I force them to walk the bridge.

Heh, walk the bridge. I sound kinda pirate-y.

Speaking of shoes…did men’s shoes suddenly shrink or something? All the 10.5s I tried on were way too short which is…odd. I’ve been a 10-10.5 for years and now it’s like the shoes got smaller or my feet grew a size because 11s? Still a bit snug in some of the models. The shoes I settled on (because I can never get a shoe to fit exactly right) are decently sized and my foot only squishes around minimally. Plus, I got tired of trying on shoes; I’m only good for six or seven styles before I get cranky.

To top of my foot/shoe hate, the store had a bajillionty 10.5s but only one size of 11.5 in a style that sucked. It’s a conspiracy, I tell you.

2007: Buuuuut some people are of the opinion that anyone who’s slept in until noon has wasted the ENTIRE day away so I usually try to get up at the crack of 10am.

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2005: JSFR: Mikawaya Mochi (mango)

2004: Hey, the only thing we have to do Saturday is be at DQ’s at 5, so damned if I’m getting up at the crack of anything if I don’t have to.

2003: I mean, who doesn’t want to get something free eh? And a squishy ninja!

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    I have small feet–7 or 7.5–and I have a hard time finding them in my size, too. They tend to have size 8s, but my feet do not like size 8s, so that does not work.

    I hope the walk went well 🙂

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