Listlos Friday

These days I just can not concentrate much. I have brief little idealits but they don’t much make an entry on their own so I might be wont and oft to just not post (see the beginning of this week). Or, I might do something lame like a quiz thing or a Friday five. Alas, this week there is no Friday Five for me to fall back on so I am forced to actually do my own thinking. You all could be in trouble.

Idealit number one: TheMan dropped me off early this morning and I discovered I had my free coffee card with me, instead of in the office, so I detoured to the Union to get a cup of Joe. It was a really neat morning and I wanted to wax briefly on the light and feel of it. First off it was mostly predawn, although the sun did pop up not 10 minutes later, so the sky was just pinky light way off to the east while overhead and off to the west it was doing that funky blue purple of the last vestiges of night. You know, where you look up into the tree tops and you can just barely make out the top branches against the sky? That kind of purple.

In contrast, the Quad was bathed in the usual predawn sodium vapor of the safety lights. The immediate building faces and lower tree branches and trunks stood out in that eerie muted color orange light tends to generate while the nooks and crannies lurked in darkness. All around, the upper reaches of the stone faces and inner recesses of the arch ways were dark and sulky. The only building that showed any activity was the Reading Room, whose interior lights shown brightly yellow out of the huge stained glassed windows into the Quad making the whole building seem to glow. Add the chill of the October air and the utter stillness of the early morning and about a thousand crows calling to each other and it was an interesting experience.

Idealit number two: The crows are back. TheMan and I have been noticing the large flocks of birds that have gathered and descended upon the city, presumably on their way somewhere warmer. The past week when we have been driving home the telephone lines have been heavy with birds. There isn’t even anymore room left on the horizontal lines so they have been roosting on the lines that connect the poles with the ground. That looks mighty weird to see oodles of birds all hanging out on a 45 degree slant. This morning I noticed for the first time that the crows, which number in the low thousands, I believe, have come back from wherever they go and are roosting in the Quad. It’s going to get mighty messy really soon methinks. That’s the one thing I hate about the crows in the Quad.

Idealit number three: General Update. TheMan and I stopped by Dirge and Shar’s place and hung out for a bit. We all went out to eat at this good Chinese place and had a fun time. Dirge got a new computer and was all a-geeked about trying out EQ and such. He then did a little more reading about the specs and discovered that not only does the Mac version suck, BUT the EQ people banish Macs to a Mac only server so no one with a Mac can play with anyone using a PC. That blows gigantic Moon sized ass chunks I tell you. Fuckers. No wonder they don’t have a lot of Mac players, they don’t make it very convenient for Mac people to play and have fun with their non Mac buddies, because you gotta think that Mac people always have some PC buddies right? Fuckers. EverSUCK MY HINEY! I hate, hate, hate them now. Oooooo!

On the better side, we introduced Dirge and Shar to Weebls-stuff and may I just say clows are really, really wrong. I’m not sure why exactly, but all the reactions I have seen go something like “Oh, how cute, cows! Heh, look at them kinda bounce along the…bounce along…bounce…Ohmygod, that’s just wrong!”. I love clows. I also love Potato. Watch the right Potato after the left Potato’s “incident”, that cracks me right up. PotatoPotatoPotato. Incase is doesn’t come through, the little guy says “chips!”. PoTAYto. And the one that will stick in your head forever and a day until you have to take a butter knife to your brain (not that I know anyone who has gotten to that stage…yet) is Scampi. I don’t know how the dude got crack into wave form but SOME ONE STOP THE DAMN TUNE BEFORE I GO COMPLETELY NUTSO!


Idealit number four: ParTAY. Today is the day. I am psyched and all a jitter (but that could be the gigantic mocha I just downed too so…). I have to make brownies and pick up mixings for the Ultimate Long Island Iced Teas (thanks to Mr. Paul. He makes the best Long Islands. Yeah, even better than those. Way better than those other ones. Bet you all wish you had a Mr. Paul eh? HA!) before the festivities as well as go get TheRCK and baby all before 7:30. The one problem with my plans are that I think I washed my recipe when I did laundry so I’m not entirely certain of the proportions of stuff, although I remember what all goes into them. Even an LC card, as thick as they are, can not stand up against the mighty washing machine so I either have to play million paper piece jig saw or contact Mr. Paul and tell him I washed the super secret recipe of doom. Doah.

Alright, I’m out of idealits so I’ll just sign off and try to make it through the day without going bazoo. Gah, I have been off a day or two all week so it feels like I have been at work for seven or eight days. Hate weeks like that. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Japanese Snack Food Review (something good this time, at least better than Jelly Cakes) and look for a potential new Pocky flavor. Dirge hinted that there may be an opportunity to try Chestnut Pocky in the near future. Mmmmm!

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