International Cookie War and Other Birthday Fun

Today is DQ’s manysomethingth birthday. You will have to ask her how old she is ‘cuz I’m not the one to leak that sort of information to teh intertubes. Nope. But I will leak that she may or may not have been born in the same calendar year I was but not born in the same Chinese year. You internets stalkers go have fun with that while the rest of us move on.

So! ParTAY! DQ has been trying to get us to come over to her house forever to watch movies on her Big! Screen! TV! (it’s the size of a wall!) and a birthday seemed like a good time to do just that. I’d take the credit, but LunarGeography fielded the idea ball all the way to the endzone on that one.

Hey! Guess what sport season it is! I’m told football (American style) so I thought I’d throw in a football reference thingie. See? I am so hip!

Anyway, we organized a dinner, desert and movie thing in which we cobbled together BLT fixins (turkey for the non-tomatoers), snacks and chipwiches for dessert. Plus a cake. If you ever wanted to know what is too much food, that right there is a perfect example but what are you going to do? Nix really, really wanted to make a cake and while I thought two desserts were a bit much, Badmovie really, really wanted chipwiches. Plus, I’d been craving tubed cookies for quite some time so I guess Badmovie’s want of the chipwich was just my excuse to make them. Mmmm, tube o’ Tollhouse Cookies.

Why Tollhouse? Hold on, lemmie ask my webfriend Google. OK, apparently the creator owned a Toll House and made these butterdrop cookies with Nestle chocolate chunks. Toll House being a place where you pay tolls, like a booth I imagine but roomier and with plumbing.

All this really doesn’t explain the flat pack cookies above that we also picked up because they are in Spanish. The ones below are in French and I still wanted tube cookies so we got those too. That’s 60 cookies if you are counting (what? I wanted tubed cookies and French vs. Spanish? How can you let that lie?). We cooked them all up and had an international cookiewich taste off. SCIENCE! Sadly, we were unable to determine a clear winner between French, Spanish and American save I had a big HATE for the tube cookies because they wouldn’t come easily out of their package. Bastards.

We then settled in to watch Once Upon a Time in Mexico which is an awesome movie. We got most of the way through the movie while the uncut gorgeous three tiered cake sat there sadly looking at all of us. We were so stuffed with cookies (I blame the French) but it seemed a waste to not cut into this awesome cake for the occasion. So we did. And then we exploded. BOOM!

Still blaming the French.

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