Pimp-Daddy Sock Puppet

Yeah yeah, for some of you this is a duplicated title but when you have something as good as “Pimp-Daddy Sock Puppet” you just can’t let that go to waste!

[Editor’s note: PICS are here! whoot]

TheMan and I decided to do a “Bored Kid’s Bag o’ Goodies” for the reception and (drum roll) Bored Kids! Keen how that works no? Anyway, I read about it somewhere and thought it might be cool to implement and besides, it doesn’t take too much funding to put together a cool bag o’ stuff. I bet parents appreciate it too. Have I talked about this yet? Hold on, lemmie do a bit of checking for y’all (and don’t say I never do anything for you. In fact, I have to do everything in this relationship. Sheesh!). Well, it looks like I have mentioned it in passing but not in detail so here it goes.

We are making up bags of fun stuff for kids to amuse themselves with at the reception! *ba-dum-chick* Heh, yeah I’m a butt. So anyway. Bags. We went shopping for things (with only a vague idea of what we were going to put in them) two Saturdays ago and came across a sale on Hot Wheels cars (93 cents a car. Whoot I say!) so we grabbed a bunch of them as our first toy surprise. Who doesn’t like vrooming around a toy car eh? Man, my sis and I were ALL about the Hot Wheels (and Matchbox, don’t want to discriminate here) when we were young. I had some pretty cool cars too like the yellow LeCar with the functioning hatchback and the orange super go fast looking thing with cool black washboard looking stuff on it and a Leer Jet. My sis had a Pantera she liked and we had discarded bits of wood from my dad’s projects to build a car town with. Cars are cool.

If you are a kid who is not into the cars (and I have to say the cars we saw and got were not nearly as cool as the cars from MY day, although in general I think I like Matchbox better. They have a better selection in general) we have some 8.5 x 5 blank paper and (washable) Crayola 8 packs. I guess this is for the budding artists of the younger crowd. I think coloring and cars pretty much covers most of the bases of kids fun but wait, there’s more.

Sock Puppets! Heh. I have never made sock puppets before and there are a couple of learning bumps to overcome. First, the mouth tuck. That’s how you make sure the mouth is in the same place every time. You do the whole stuff the hand into the sock and make a puppet mouth, then tack the sides a little so the mouth stays where the mouth is supposed to be. Yeah, and remember to have the right side up BEFORE you tack. The heel needs to be where the back of the hand is. That’s another thing; you know how hard it is to find all white calf length socks with heels? Oi! It took me about 20 minutes at K-Mart (shop smart…) to find a pack (only one style, seven packs in the whole store) of these puppies. Gah!

I also learned that sewing stuff presents a whole new and interesting problem: You are sewing into a tube so through the sock and back out becomes tricky. I had a short enough needle that I could do a one handed reverse and come back out of the sock but it involved sewing with one hand in the puppet and one hand out and a blind in the sock turn around. How I did not sew any of my poor sock fellas shut while doing that is a total mystery. I just have one word here: Fabric Glue.

I guess that is two words.

Really, the sock puppets were a trial run for my newest and craziest Smithee Promotion Give Away idea: Stupidest Looking Monster Sock Puppets! I now have a better understanding of what to do (and not do) so the Smithee Puppets should go faster. We even picked up some cow bells for Skull-Cow, our first monster give away. Keen. Last night we made 12 puppets for 12 bags and they included a pirate (arrrh!) with a failed attempt at a cool bandana pirate hat that turned out looking more like a fez (but he had a nifty eye patch and scraggly black hair) , a girly-girl puppet with big lip sticked lips and two pony tails,

a “It might be a snake?” puppet, a “Is a very cool snake” puppet (TheMan’s creation),

a “Dog maybe?” puppet (TheMan again seen with King Doofus here),

a “Dog Puppet!” (DQ), a moppy headed guy (DQ), a Rastafarian guy (walk into a bar?) (DQ),

a wizard,

grouchy duck, and a goofy king (TheMan). Is that 12? OH! Right, the Pimp-Daddy Puppet (pictured with the wizard). He’s got a styling hat and a nose and tongue stud. Heh.

I had one slight accident which resulted in me having to wash the pirate puppet because…errr…well it all started with Bohemian Rhapsody. You know, sock puppets, lip synching, the fact that I already had Girly-Girl puppet on and of course you need two puppets to lip synch to during Bohemian Rhapsody. Pffft, EVERYONE knows that and the best one has to, of course have floppy pirate hair (the head banging part was coming up) and well, Girly-Girl’s lips weren’t *quite* dry and she left lip prints (that looked surprisingly real) all up and down Pirates…sock? when I pulled him on. Yeah, it was looking very much like Pirate had a little too much fun if you know what I mean. Had to get rid of the evidence.

(Look at her! Shameless I tell you)

I am happy to say that the lip prints came right out with a little soap and water. Good thing for Mr. Pirate too, if Mrs. Pirate had found him with Girly-Girl’s lip prints all over his sock there would have been words I’m sure.

Yeah, we had fun with the sock puppets. Hee!

Lastly, and the last thing we have to get together, will/may/might be a handful of origami paper (anyone know where I can get any? I think I am down to my last three million sheets. Heh! Man, am I the butt today!) and folding instructions for making cicadas. We shall see.

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