My Mumses Almost DIED and all You Get is This Weekend Update

Wednesday of last week my mumses went in for an ovary-ectomy because they had found “a suspiciousness” on it and wanted to take the whole ovary out just to be sure. It turns out “the suspiciousness” was the world’s most ornery cyst and the procedure took about twice as long as they had first thought it would (rumor has it that if the cyst saw a body part, it attached itself to said body part. There are a lot of body parts in the abdomen so they had quite the time taking that sucker out). I was going to go and hang out with mumses on Thursday but they kept her overnight and wouldn’t let her go until sometime Thursday afternoon. Thus, I spent the day Friday hanging with my mumses and catering to her every whim.

She was just a little put out that I hadn’t said anything about her ALMOST DEATH on the blog though. At least I think that’s what she said…I had a hard time hearing what she was grumbling about because she was off doing a load of wash at the time. Then she did some dishes, tidied the kitchen, made pesto noodles and diapered the dog. For a dead woman, she was sure sprightly!

She’s OK and the World’s Most Ornery Cyst turned out to be benign. And incredibly grabby. We had a pretty good day and mumses is recovering quite nicely. She’s still finding adhesive goo in various places here and there where the docs thought they needed to attach some medical something or other but otherwise, she’s good as new. Ish.

Saturday we did a little Warcrafting, as usual, and then headed out to Rob’s house for hamm. Mmmm, hamm. We were sort of in the middle of cooking the hamm (did you know hamms take about as much time as a turkey to cook? I did not!) when Rob called up so we just took the hamm for a ride and had it over at his place. I think we got the better end of the deal because Rob carved the whole thing up…bonus! TheMan and Rob took off to see a movie and I wandered back home to get some stuff done.

Damn dishes. Always harshing my hanging buzz. Plus, we were leaving for Mackinac the next day and hadn’t yet packed. Or done laundry that was to be packed. Procrastination FTW!

Sunday we tootled up to the bridge in a long string of cars also heading north. I don’t quite understand why there was so much traffic on Sunday…shouldn’t they have all left sooner? I don’t think they ALL were going to the bridge walk were they? That’s a LOT of cars! We didn’t get too bogged down save one horrific accident that we came on very shortly after it happened. The southbound lane was completely closed off (and had a bajillionty emergency vehicles hovering about) and they were in the process of closing off the north bound when we went by. Then we saw the car, or at least I assume it was the car. It looked like it had rolled several times and then gotten crushed flat. Ouch!

TheMan looked it up when we got home and it was a double accident: The scrushed up car was someone with a whole pack of warrants fleeing from the law (and who apparently lost control of the car and totaled it) and the second accident was a motorcycle cop who was bumped by the ambulance he was escorting and was flung into the northbound traffic. Amazingly, no one died.

We got to Mackinac City around dinner time, had a bite to eat at Audrees (if you are happening over the bridge and want to have a bite to eat before crossing, I highly recommend Audrees) and then went looking for a geocache somewhere on the beach. Then it was time for bed and an early start on Monday.

Monday came, we bridged and everyone survived. HUZZAH! We then drive 5 hours back home with EVERYBODY ELSE WHO LIVES IN THE LOWER PENINSULA and it sucked. I do not recommend a five hour drive, overnight stay, 5 mile walk and then another five hour drive all in the span of 36 hours. That’s a little too much.

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