Foo Dog Foo

Poor foo dog and return the toner already!

Yesterday was the day of malcontent. It was slow. I had a nice short walk with Alessar and had some good chai from a little deli place he knows of and that was all good. When I got to kid’s class and accidentally smacked the nose off of the foo dog, that was bad. What’s a foo dog you ask? Well, if you follow the link you’ll see one but if you are lazy or just not in the mood and have seen Asian themed movies in which the characters are in/by/near a temple and in the shot are two curly maned lion looking statues “guarding” the temple gate congratulations you have seen a foo dog. Sensei’s foo dog now comes in that special “noseless” variety. Oops.

I also figured out why my hands hurt so much yesterday; Diablo II. My…mousing? Padding? No idea what adjective to use there but the “hand that one uses to move the pointer around on a lap top” seems a bit bulky but anyway that hand ached something fierce all day. It turns out I get so tense piloting my guys around that my hand locks up and starts complaining. Huh!

I can see why I don’t usually post on Tuesdays. I have really nothing to say.

Well, OK I do have my rant about the stupid printer people and the fact that I am this close to shoving a toner cartridge up each of their asses. I think maybe then they might get a clue to move the damn useless outdated toner cartridges already. I don’t know what it takes but we can NOT get the company to quit sending cartridges for printers we no longer have. “Hey, please stop sending these.” “OK” and the next week, BAMN outdated cartridge fresh happy new in the mail.

It’s not like they just didn’t catch the last shipment either. We haven’t had these printers for at least 6 months and I keep telling the account rep to quit with them and the company is always “OK!” and THEY STILL KEEP COMING! That’s not what gets me all crazed though. Well it’s half of it sorta, but it leads into the fact that the reps will NOT. RETURN. THE. DAMNED. TONER. I have had it up to here with fishing a damned outdated toner out of the supply area and putting it on the counter with a nice little note that says “please return this” only to find it back in the pile of toners we can use.

Well, OK in a sense they have returned it back to the supply pile but THA’S NOT WHAT I MEANT! How difficult is it to either stop the order or return to sender? Throwing it back into the pile is NOT AN OPTION here folks. We do not have these printers anymore…who’s going to use the toner? What, just throw it back and hope you don’t have to deal with it? Nobody’s going to come in and use them for a modern art sculpture project or as flotation devices or hold outdated toner Olympics so just bite the bullet and send them back. Oh and when you think to yourself “Well, somebody will want them” just do me a favor and smack yourself in the back of the head repeatedly until you see little stars. Nobody’s going to use them because we DON’T HAVE THAT KIND OF PRINTER ANYMORE. The cartridges will just sit and sit and sit and gather friends (because we are cursed to be forever getting toner we don’t need) until we are up to our eyeballs in them.

DAMN! You know what else these numbnuts do? They have a habit of tossing used toner back into the supply pile. What? Who-ARRRRRRGH! I feel like their mommy all “Please do not put used toner in the new toner stack”. Who thinks that is any sort of good idea? Who? You put your used undies back in the clean stack? Then don’t be putting crappy dead toner in the new toner stack!

OK, breathing now. Man, those people piss me off. Toner to the butt!

Someone here needs a nap. Oi!

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