Five Things That…

Make me happy
Waking up next to TheMan and snuggling up tight to him while he’s still sleeping.
Snuggling in bed with kitties.
Finding a new and interesting coin.
Presents; both giving and getting them.

Make me sad
Seeing people I care about hurt and unhappy.
Knowing I don’t spend enough quality time with the Weirdoes.
Having to throw away my favoritest, comfiest, woobiest clothes because they are well beyond worn.
Growing up in general.
The fact that I don’t have a fifth thing here.

Amuse me
Japanese creative ideas like Domokun, Tissue-san and the burrito kitties.
Anything from Kevin-space. Mostly.
Shiny things that jingle and move.
Catching a kitty so totally lose its cool.
VW beetles and especially the Slug Bug game

Make me slightly annoyed
Being retroactively micromanaged
Mosquito bites.
Going to a first run movie, shelling out the big bucks and then finding the movie sucks rocks.
Hitting every red light from here to my destination.
The way cat hair gets everywhere.

Make me just plain hopping mad!
Ass munch drivers who think THEY are the most important thing in the world.
SUV drivers who are convinced that they really do need their gas guzzling behemoth. No really!
Lazy people who expect me to do stuff for them.
Cell phone drivers.

Make me nervous
The dark.
Walking up or down a flight of stairs carrying something that blocks my view of the steps.
Gatherings where I don’t know anyone.
Public speaking.
Driving at night when it’s wet out.

I worry about
The possibility of twisting my ankle when I walk on uneven surfaces.
If our house will ever be clean and all the projects finished.
Being a good parent.
What in the fridge has achieved sentience.

I probably should worry about more than I do
My damn asthma.
My teeth and getting me to a dentist more regularly.
(At the moment)Wedding plans.

I love to eat
TheMan’s couscous and hommus with grilled chicken.
Steak (served blue).
Chick Inn’s Peanut butter and chocolate malted.
Mashed taters.
Bananas! (has to be the fresh fruit though)

I will not eat
Artificial banana anything.
Jelly Cake of any flavor.
Those nasty orange and black taffy things with the peanut butter center.

I forget all the time
To flip the back shelf thing in the bug down after having it up for grocery removal.
To turn the screen saver off BEFORE I defrag the computers.
The name of those damn hopping Chinese ghosts things.
People’s names moments after they are introduced to me.
Numbers longer than three digits.

I remember for no apparent reason
What the different dog breeds are to the point that I can recognize them easily by sight.
The name of the people we bought our station wagon from…back in 1975.
“One hen, Two Ducks…”
How to count to ten in six different languages.

I like to do when left to my own devices
Play a computer game.
Lounge around and scritch the kitties.

I like to do with other people
Computer gaming.
Going to the movies.
Hanging out.
I don’t have a fifth for this one, pretty much that’s all I do with my friends.

I wish I could do
Play a stringed instrument.
Speak German fluently.
Draw well.
Pee my name in the snow easily. Heh!

I wish I hadn’t wasted the time on
The intro English course I took at the community college.
Trying to patch up a failing relationship when it was clearly time for me to move on.
Having to watch Cape Fear over and over and over for a stupid class I was forced to take.
Reading Barbara Hambley’s “Children of the Jedi”
Reading “Children of the Jedi” again because it sucked mighty chunks so big that they ate my brain and made me forget that I had already read it in all its vast sucky glory.

I want to do in my lifetime
Have kids.
Go overseas to Europe or Australia or China or…
Go back to school and become a teacher!
Write a book.
Have more than three loyal readers. Heh!

3 Responses to “Five Things That…”

  1. dirge Says:

    It is the quality of the readers that count. And if any one is ready to argue that, step on up 🙂

  2. boo Says:

    Yeah, but I’m an attention whore so…

    *remembering the last gaming con attended and a good deal of the patrons of said con*

    Oh, wait. I see what you mean. Maybe I should just keep my three quality loyal readers and be thankfull. Heh!

  3. Vinochica Says:

    I second everything on your Plain Hoppin’ Mad! list. Great blog– I may be your 4th loyal reader. (Like your Man’s blog, too. They keep me amused on slow work days.)

    Happy Halloween-