Another Day, Another-BOXES!!

Hi there and welcome back to blow by blow coverage of-HEY! Get your mind out of the gutter! I am just announcing that I’m going back to a more standard format of blogging today and not anything you need to get your panties in a bunch about. Sheesh! Some people! So, where was I? Right, the Usual Daily Chronicle of What’s Going On. ™

Last night, TheMan and I hit one of the shops on Main Street for a gift for his folks. He finally decided what he wanted to get them, so we off and did the getting. Sort of. We actually got the wrong shop because the thing we wanted to get was this “blah” thing we had seen earlier. We went to the “blah” store where we thought, logically, we would pick up “blah” thing and be done with it because, well, “blah” stores tend to indeed carry “blah” things and all. It’s the whole nature of “blah”ness. In actuality, we had seen “blah” thing in the “Whatsit” store further down. After we couldn’t find our “blah” thing we both remembered that the “Whatsit” store did have a small section of “blah” knickknacks and that it was probably the “Whatsit” store that we needed to be in, not the “blah” store.

Not to worry though, the “blah” store had lots and lots of cool things (which we wandered all around seeing, looking for our particular “blah” thing) and Lo! There in the far corner were different “blah” things and when TheMan’s eyes lit upon these new “blah” things an idea was born! We had parental gifts all wrapped up (hee!) in good time and were on our way; mission accomplished. Yeah, it’s a tad confusing but I don’t know if the Qs read my blog and I know my mumses reads my blog (hi mumses) so I thought I best keep everything vague until after Saturday.

The rehearsal’s Saturday!

I wrapped all the attendant and reader gifts (well save one which we are going to get Saturday because of a neat donating percentage money to charity thing the store is doing that day) and today we are going to get the last gift we need to get and some wrapping stuff for the parental gifts. Then, everything is set for Saturday. I am so excited!

I’m not the only one lately who has been all aquiver. Last night we came home to find 4 (count them!) boxes waiting for us on our doorstep. At first, it looked like only three but when I moved them out of the way to open up the door a tiny Amazon box fell out! Wheee! I love getting stuff in the mail, even if I/we have ordered it. I’m a freak that way.

Two of the boxes were indeed stuff we had ordered but two were Wedding Gifts! from far off Japan! Well, not specifically from Japan but from Randal of the 2 Ls and Aiko, his wife, who live in Japan. They had gotten us something(s) from both Bed Bath and Beyond as well as Amazon (so hence the not quite from Japan as both stores, I believe, would operate State side for that sort of thing. Shipping costs and all) and the packages came with the funniest notes. TheMan has wicked cool friends.

All together, we had a large (maybe 2.5×1.5×1.5) box from the six gallon fermenter pail we ordered, a large B3 box (3x1x1.5) that had two smaller boxes (and lots of tissue), a standard DVD shipping sized Amazon box opened and hanging out on the floor. The Xerox box sized box of wine bottles we decided to just leave as is because, well, we already know what wine bottles look like. We did unboxed the fermenter pail to check it out (it’s way cool! Can not WAIT until Thanksgiving and Cranberry Wine Making Day) and that box along with the B3 and Amazon boxes put the Little Kittie’s tiny smooth walnut brain into instant melt down. So. Many. Boxes. Can’t. Decide. Which. One. To. Sit. In. First. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

For the rest of the evening she was all about sitting in the Amazon box, NO! Wait! Sitting on top of the wine bottles box, NO! Wait! Must be in the big fermenter box! Help! Squeek! I can’t get out of the fermenter box! Amazon box! Tissue paper? B3 box! Oooo! Look! Fermenter box! Help! I’m stuck! AMAZON BOOOOOOOOX! What’s this? Paper? Must. Be. In. B3 Boxes!

All night long.

Isaak, on the other hand, was wigging out in his special way, which goes more along the lines of “OhNoOhNo! NewThingsNewThingsNewThings AHHHHHHHHHHH! What just moved over there! Must run under bed now, much safer there. OhNoOhNo NewThingsNewThingsNe AHHHHHHHHHH What was that noise? Must run under couch now, much safer there”. Wash, rinse and repeat. It was an interesting evening.

Heh, I forgot to say that in our journeys I picked up some new jewelry. I have been in the market to get myself a basic accents set of earrings and necklaces, which for me and my multi-holed ear usually means two sets of earrings, preferably one as some sort of stud. So far, I have a partial silver/garnet set (I still need an accompanying silver garnet stud for the second hole in my ear of ever closing holes), a complete gold/garnet set, a white gold/blue topaz set and a hematite/silver set. Yesterday I bought a full ear ring set in silver/amber and I have some silver pendant things that would go along right nicely if I’m feeling all completey like. I also bought a set of silver/opal earrings too because they were pretty and shiny.

Now all I need is to get something in green, and pink, and purple, and…what have I become?!?? Heh. I think this all began when I started wearing jeans to work. I’m not sure if technically I can BUT I figure if I dress up a bit more it may hide the casualness of the jeans to some degree. So I have been doing the whole earrings/necklace/pin if I feel like it/ring or no dress up for about a month now. I think I’m just very happy to have jeans that fit (and are right fine comfy) and trying to overcompensate for the obvious not quite business casual of my lower half. “Look at me? Aren’t I styling with my snazzy earrings and necklace and DON’T LOOK AT THE PANTS! Yea, much better! Look how my upper half sparkles NOT THE PANTS!”

Now on to this morning and Battle Of The Dishes (DishesDishesDishes). Man, what is it with laundry and dishes that they are never done? I could clear every damn dish out of our house and the neighbors’ houses and as soon as I hung up my dish towel I would turn around and BLIP there would be a dirty dish on the island counter. Why? And once you have one they multiply at an astronomical rate. I think they are like cockroaches where if you see one then you can be pretty sure that there are ten times that many hiding. Damn! They breed like cockroaches too.

So I set out to wash A. The dishes in the sink because there was no room to do the two sink suds thing and B. Glasses because we never have any glasses. As always, I asked TheMan if it was alright for me to do dishes while he showered and as usual he was fine with that. As unusual to this situation, the sink was so full (damn Horde!) that I had to do the whole remote suds tub thing and I could only put in the rinsing side of the sink. Stupid Horde. Thusly, I could only do the “wash a dish, rinse a dish” method of dish doing which used up all the hot water in the entire neighborhood. I got 3 whole dishes cleaned before things went luke warm. Fucking Horde.

Usually, I scrub and soap a whole bunch of dishes and then mass rinse them which doesn’t take up much of the hot water at all. It the whole economy of resources thing. Washing a dish at a time though. Oi! So I improvised! I took that stupid Luke warm water (not going to get out of THIS war, O Horde of my kitchen!) and put the tea kettles on. Heh!

By the way, a little boiling water goes a long way. I’m just sayin. (ow). I got a good portion of the Horde under control and I might be able to actually find counter space tonight if I give it another go. Counter top…what’s that again? I also tried something new this time around with the silverware, which I hate doing. I rounded them all up, put them in a big ol’ bowl with some soap and poured boiling water over them. They will be soaking pretty all day until I come home, where by I *should* just be able to refresh the water, give each utensil a swipe with the scrubbie and wala! I’m really banking on the boiling soak to magically scrub off all the stuck on food so I don’t have to do much scrubbing. We eat much starch. Starch is one of the building blocks in cement (or super glue. I’m not sure which…maybe both).

There you go! That’s all about what my life is like these days. Crazy kitties, wedding stuff, more crazy kitties and chores that will not stay done. I’m thinking nudist camp and paper plates are looking more and more appealing.

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