Active Sonar

Well, I just couldn’t leave today with the only entry being a Friday Five could I? Hell no! It’s Halloween damnit and a lame (although not so much today, more of a lame in general) Friday Five is NOT going to be the prize entry for today. I guess I am assuming that this one will be. Heh.

So the whole sonar thing. I’m in Halloween garb today, but not in costume. I don’t know why but dressing in costume at work seems a little funky. I suppose it would be different if I worked at one of those places where two-thirds of the people came in all costumed up (as a side note, TheMan has been keeping me informed of the costumes popping into their office over at the med center. They are some costume wearing fools so SOME places do get into the whole Halloween nine yards) but I do not.

I have, however, noticed a whole lot of Halloween accentation going on and that is pretty cool. I am all in the spirit and wearing my Halloweenie socks (white with pumpkins and black cats), which I was very disappointed to learn/remember that they are not printed down the whole sock. My jeans (new fitting jeans) are long enough that I’m not showing my Halloween feets unless I pull my pant leg up. Foo. I am also wearing the coolest Halloween shirt ever (or until the next the coolest shirt comes along): A black T with a flame print Jack-o-Lantern face. It looks like I am a pumpkin at night. There are even lighter yellowy spots like the candle is bouncing off the thick meaty part of the pumpkin eye/mouth/nose. Hee! I’m also wearing a black light weight sweatshirt and the color matches so well it just looks like my pumpkin T is long sleeved. Neat. My last accessory is the ear ring guys. Are the earring guys? Accessories are? But they are only one accessory (that comes in a pair).

ANYWAY, I am wearing orange jingle bell pumpkin dangle earrings. There is not a move I can make today that someone doesn’t hear it. It’s GREAT! Jingle jingle jingle. I have been up and around doing “stuff” just to be up and around. More than one person has commented that they can tell it’s me long before I actually get there. Cool, mission accomplished.

TheMan and I have our Halloween costumes (yeah, we are doing the couples thing) all lined up. That was one of the stops on the way home last night, along with a stop at Michael’s and a stop at Bed, Bath and Beyond. All in the name of the wedding. Oh yeah, and the stop at the Smoke House Blues restaurant (did I botch the name again?) because we were HUNGRY and still had shopping to go. We picked up jammie bottoms and tops for TheMan as well as a robe and slippers. We are both going in jammies, slippers, bathrobes, sunglasses and carrying FBI badges. We’re sleeper agents! Get it? HA! We slay us!

Unfortunately, we had just a little bit more wedding prep to do, and I did more laundry (wash the new jams and stuff) and it suddenly was 10:00 and WE HADN’T YET CARVED PUMPKINS!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I can not have a Halloween without carved pumpkins. So, the plan according to “those who haven’t yet gotten around to decorating or carving because there is this WEDDING thing in the works” is to rush home, make and bake brownies for the Halloween party we are going to and decorate, put the pumpkins out and carve them one at a time while the kiddies are coming to the door. It’s going to be insane but damnit, I WILL have carved pumpkins. Then ZOOM off to the party. Maybe I’ll take a short nap at the party. Getting into character and all.

Oh and that leads right up into this cool fact: Not only is it Halloween BUT we are officially down to single digit days in the count down. Nine. Nine days folks! There are more days of Christmas than there are to our wedding. Whoooooooooo. Are we ready? Well, we are as ready as we can be. We couldn’t have the wedding tomorrow but hopefully by the end of the weekend we will have knocked a good deal of the pesky things to do off the list. That’s all that’s left now, the little details. All the big stuff is in motion and going along just as nice as pie but it’s those little nudges to keep the big things going that seem to collect.

OH OH OH! I can NOT believe I didn’t say ANYTHING about his. Where was my head? Wednesday TheMan and I went down to city hall or the county building or whatever the hell the little red brick building behind the courthouse is and applied for a marriage license! It’ll be ready Monday after 3pm (another pesky detail…the going and registering is done but we have to return and pick up). They (purportedly) will have a whole packet thing that has all the marriage info stuffs in it. I wonder when I can legally change my name? Oh here’s another interesting thing I learned reading over the official legalese of getting married. You can not legally get married if: You have Gonorrhea or Syphilis (but AIDS is just dandy!), you are intending to marry your step parent, spouse of your offspring or spouse of your grand offspring (other that a whole big “Ew” issue going on, genetically speaking marrying step or spouse shouldn’t pose a problem) or if you are an idiot. Hee! Idiot.

OK, I know that’s a technical term for a particular level of mental acuity but it made me giggle none the less. Hee…idiot. I told TheMan that he was out of luck. Wait, did I just insult myself? On a slightly sadder note, if you DO have any mentally disabling flaws as listed in the legal mumbo jumbo, you are allowed to marry if – and only if – you can get written proof from two separate doctors that your condition is not hereditary. That seemed awfully big brotherish to me.

What exactly do we have left to do? I was sitting and thinking about that so I thought I would share:

A handful of tunes have to be added and then they whole thing has to be sound leveled.

We need to make a few more favors boxes. Maybe 10-15. We also need to get M&Ms for the insides. Mmmmm.

We need to put together the kids bored bags and DAMNIT! I forgot to get the cicada instructions copied. Grrr. Well, maybe we can do that Sunday or something. Then everything is done and they can be put together and put aside.

I want to windex the glass table bowls.

I need to hook up with the floating oil lamps.

Dress/tux final fitting.

Last chat with photographer on Monday.

Check to Mr. Cake on Monday. Yikes, that should have gone in the mail this week. For some reason I was sure there was about five more days between Friday and Monday.

Disposable cameras for the tables need to be purchased.

My dress run through with the veil and hair and all is on Thursday.

PROGRAMS! Oh My, I totally forgot about those.

OH! Hee hee. This is funny. TheMan and I haven’t picked out our vows (there are about three variations). The rehearsal is tomorrow.

MAN! I forgot to copy the reading things for Dirge and DQ. Again, I put about there days between Friday and Saturday. Temporal Alzheimer’s I guess.

Is that it? Holy wa, that may indeed be all and we should have a good chunk of it done by Monday. Sahweet.

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  1. dirge Says:

    I’m going to ad lib…

    “Ye, thought I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil… ’cause I’m the toughest SoB in the valley!” *Whips out the blades and goes to work*

    Er… maybe you should get me a copy of that, eh?