Second Step Cousin Once Removed

Hola! Welcome to my weekend recap.

Man, I love Mondays because I don’t have to think much about what to post since I have a whole weekend’s worth o’ goodies to tell (except that I’m postdating so apparently I’m lazy as well as non-thinking on Mondays). Friday we did bupkis, really. Maybe a little inconsequential Warcraft and then to bed. Booooring, but that brings us to Saturday.

As usual, Saturday started out with the Saturday morning Warcrafting where we tootled around and did some stuff. We took one of the lowbies through a quick and dirty dungeoning which was a lot of fun for those of us who were well overpowered for the place. Heh. Did I say that Tan hit 70? Was that this past weekend or the weekend before? Anyway, my total number of 70s is now 3! Whooo! One 70 for every year played. Go me.

After that, TheMan and I headed up to my mumses place to meet a new family member. No, not like “new” family member (although that will happen sometime in December. My sis and her husband apparently radically changed their views on being childless and are now expecting) but new as in “I’ve never met”. Mr. Paul’s cousin was in town to settle some legal matters concerning a family estate and asked if she could drop in. They haven’t seen each other since she was 4 and he was 8 so Mr. Paul was a bit nervous. A lot can happen over the course of 40+ years, thus we all filtered over for dinner and chatting just in case it was a bad intervening 40 years.

Second step-cousin once removed Carol is awesome! We took her through trial by fire too and not only did she survive, she said that she would very much enjoy staying over at the house next time. She too was a little hesitant and booked a hotel, but we all seem to be her kind of people which is cool. Meeting my family can be an interesting experience. It took Mr. Paul about three years to abandon politeness and jump right into conversations because if you wait for that polite gap, you’ll never get to say anything. Sscor Carol was able to roll with us pretty well.

Sunday we spent a lot of time doing nothing because it rained and rained and rained. Fnerf. On the plus side, we got a lot of Warcraft and laundry done and the garden kinda needed it. On the bad side, I’m now behind on JSFRing again because I was waiting for a break in weather to photograph the new snacks. Never got one so no snack photos. Hrrrm.

2007: JSFR: White Rabbit Red Bean Creamy Candies.

2006: Hanging with family and not updating.

2005: And hunting for JSFR at the same time.

2004: I just inherited a bag of *New* Brach’s Jelly Beans (in 8 Flavors!), which I find a tad bizarre as there is only one color of bean in the whole bag.

2003: A place like that ought not to be serving chunks of gray fish.

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