Is and Isn’t

Leftover pics from Origins. this is a mother daughter kimono team. Yay Team!

Time for more random Fridayness, this go around it’s a mixed bag of happy and grumpy things.

We ran out of Highlander Grog coffee before the Qs could refresh our supply when they were down last so I had to go coffee experimenting. Oddly, this is not something that goes on the grump list because I’ve been needing an excuse to search locally for delicious inexpensive coffee on account of the Saturday Warcraft Coffee Carafe. (Yeah, I know, it’s really a percolator but I liked the way carafe fit the alliteration.) Our awesome 12 cup coffee pot takes more coffee to make it go than I’m comfortable feeding it, at least with the good stuff. Ergo, the cheaper but still tasty coffee hunt.

We tried a couple of Bert’s (or Bigby’s or whatever Beaner’s changed their name to) coffees and they were just O-Kay. Then I saw Leelanau coffees and decided to try them. Lakers Blend is sort of meh yuck, but Blend Six gets a big caffeinated thumbs up. I have a pound of Northern Espresso Roast and a pound and a half of Wolverine blend (the beans came out of the U-dispense super fast!). I’ll try to let you know how they rate when we try them. Also, we get way better prices than the website so if you can find it locally then that might be better.

I think I only have two grumps. No wait, three. First I’ll get cranky with the damned ‘Trash Initiative’ again because it’s always a topic rife with ugly. To refresh (and because I’m too lazy to link the post I wrote about it), the U has cut down office custodial services to once a week. They also replaced our decent sized trash cans with these stupid small “side saddle” bins that hold 3 large coffee cups if you balance the third one on top of the other two. Thus, we often have to take our own trash out, especially if we drink more than three large (or maybe 4 medium) coffees in a week. To add insult to injury, because they’ve decided to switch up the custodial service rotation to a two week stint, offices now-a-days are frequently being forgotten (or just not realized as a NEW GUY is on board every 14 days).

Thus, we had a ton of trash in the large trash can (we fought to get a large trash can in the main office) which I had to take care of. Niiiiice. This is also the trash can in which everyone dumps their old coffee cups, emptied or not. Niiiiice. This particular time of trash fullness caused a rupture at the bottom of the bag which spilled rancid coffee all in my shoe. Yuck^2!

My second grump has to do with the weather. I need some sun to photograph my JSFRs people! I’m not getting it! On the other hand, I don’t have to water the garden either so it’s just a tiny little grump. A Grumpette. It sure does make getting up in the morning difficult though, I just want to snooze in and listen to the rain.

Hey! I have Thai Dragon peppers all ripe and ready! We had one in our latest concoction of cooking and Yow! Zesty! There are some other peppers (Kung Pao maybe) that I thought were jalapeños, since they have the same shape, but they oranged up really fast, which jalapeños don’t do. I still have one as of yet unidentified bunch of peppers which will be ready sometime next week. I should look and see if I can find a name thing-it for the mystery peppers one of these days. I think I stuck a little pepper disclaimer by each run of peppers.

Last grump: Actually, it’s more of a sad really. A blogger I read linked me on their blog roll YAY! I was all “Lookie me! I’m LINKED! WHOOO!” I even did a happy dance because someone who has a lot of readers linked ME! Then I happened to look at their blog roll yesterday and I had been delinked. *sniffle* I guess I’m not all that. TheMan said “Well Fuck Minnesota, I think you write awesome” (no offence to Minnesotans in general). Still, now I’m depressed that I didn’t make the cut, didn’t get the part, not on the team, etc. and cliché so forth.

OK, Ima gonna go shuffle around all sorry for myself for a bit, see you on Monday.

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    You’re still linked on my blog. I still love you.

    Some de-linked me, too…I know that it sucks 🙁

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