Wet Weekend Review

Yet again I didn’t get my JSFRs photographed as it was exceedingly yucky outside all weekend. I even had to move my potted moonflowers back onto the porch because their pot was overflowing with standing water, which is never awesome unless you are sea weed or a cypress tree.

Friday it was yucky. We played Warcraft. We went to bed.

Saturday TheMan had to work so I got up and hung out with him a bit. Then I went back to bed. HA! Except I couldn’t fall asleep again so I got up to play Warcraft. There were only three or four of us on, which isn’t enough people to do something cool. I think we did dailies or something boring like that. Man, Warcraft is like work; Log on, do quests for golds, log off. I need to do something more fun in that game than earn money.

At about noon fifteen, TheMan called asking if I could zoom a cable or whatever over because they were having sound issues. He needed it by 1. But…but…I’m playing Warcraft! And I’m stinky on account of not having showered yet! WAH! Buuuut I logged, jumped in the tub and was away and to my destination 5 minutes before D-Time (like D-Day but shorter incrementally. Actually, I think the proper term is T-Time but that sounds like golf or Brits. Or golfing Brits). It rained.

Since I was out and about, I ran my errands which I had been planning on running much later in the day. This made me exceedingly cranky so I may have come home with some ice cream because, damnit, I didn’t want to go out in the rain (RAIN!) but I did and I deserve a TREAT (damnit). I also may have come home with some books because, damnit, I was right by the book store and I didn’t want to be out in the rain (RAIN!) and my shoes were SQUISHY and I deserve a TREAT (damnit).

They did not have the books I went in to get. Damnit. I blame either the rain or France; whichever I can get a hold of first. This did not stop me from buying any books however. Oh no! I was in the bookstore and it was raining and I didn’t want to be out and about at this time BUT I WAS. Not having the two books I was originally looking for (Iron Kissed buy Patty Briggs and Old Tin Sorrows or Dread Brass Shadows by Glen Cook) was not going to stop me either. If I couldn’t get the Patty Briggs book I wanted then I’d settle for the Patty Briggs book I could get and so I did.

I also was looking for the most recent Hugo winner but that’s about the only thing I could remember about the book. That and the fact that it wasn’t written by Michael Crichton and had something Jewishy in the title. I thought briefly about asking information but I decided my info was too sketchy really to do any good and I was too cranky and wet to also be feeling like a complete loon. I showed some restraint, I’m pretty proud! Then I happened upon a $5 Thai cookbook which may have ended up in my bought books pile.

What? I’ve been looking over Thai food for a bit and considering trying it out on the cooking rotation. Plus, $5! And I was wet. And cranky. Damnit.

(The Hugo book, for future reference is “The Yiddish Policemen’s Union” by Michael Chabon so I was really close!)

Then it was off to the drug store to fill prescriptions and get a bag of M&Ms for the evening’s entertainment (see: Wet, cranky. Actually, wetter at this point). I did not do the regular shopping though on account of the ice cream. And the cranky. And the exTREME wet at this point in my journey. Daaaaaaaaaaaang it rained buckets.

By evening, badmovie had come to pick me up for our paella and brat movie watching party. Paella was…eh and the brats were tasty because they were filled with cheese. The M&Ms were also tasty and Alessar brought over Tim Bits. Yum! Sadly that was the highpoint of our evening since both movies were awful (Rottweiler and the Alpha Code (or incident or something. Doesn’t matter, it sucked)). Truly, this was an evening of soul sucking garbage movies. Argh! Rottweiler had really no point, but it did have dog bite stigmata and an interesting scene where a naked guy gets it into his head that taunting the cyber-robo-zombie-whatever Rottweiler is an awesome idea. OH! I forgot about the awesome dancer chicks! They had some dark, dark skinned black chicks in a blacklight lit dance club wearing white mesh tops and white short shorts and it looked AWESOME! I want to be from Nigeria (and in shape) so I can do that!

So! Cool!

The Alpha whatever was filmed entirely in a train station (and some in a lab, which were the more action packed scenes of the flick-WAH) and we weren’t sad at all to see all five main characters die. We may have applauded a bit too. Damn movie. At least it stopped being wet.

TheMan missed out of movie night on account of weariness from working and then Sunday it rained. Some more. Because it hadn’t for at least a couple hours between 3 and 6. We didn’t do whole lot of anything save Warcraft and laundry. Possibly some dishes too. Stupid rain.

2007: JSFR: Mike Pop Corn (butter & soy sauce).

2006: My update is experiencing a rain delay.

2005: Which lead to it being rained out.

2004: It did it again and then, quite unlike a whale, the top piece of the wine assembly shot off to parts unknown and the inside froth came boiling up and out of the neck.

2003: Seven thousand Macedonians in full battle array.

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    Did you read the Yiddish Policeman book? I had no idea that it was set in an alternate universe where Israel didn’t work out. By the time I realized that, I had lost interest in the book.

  2. Boo Says:

    Oh no, I hadn’t even heard of it until I went looking at the Hugo Awards website. It’s a sort of half goal of mine to read all the books on the Hugo list but they keep adding more so I have to keep looking to see what’s new. Frankly, the Yiddish Policeman was the only book I could remember…sorta…so that’s why I was looking for it. That and because they didn’t have the other books I wanted.

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