Sunday Edition

Hey, what’s this? A Sunday update?
No really, it’s one of those collector’s item Sunday written and posted booniverse entry. Get yours before they are gone.

Actually, this is the second thing I have written today. While waiting for TheMan to get himself dressed and bobulated I sketched out the Japanese Snack Food Review for Pucca. Then I polished it and finished it and realized that TheMan had been in the bedroom (and quiet) an awfully long time. I write slow. Sometime after discussing the crunchy outer shell and before going into the creamy filling, TheMan had dozed off. Heh.

Man, what a days. We rushed home Friday, decorated, carved and handed out goodies. TheMan counted the kids and this year we only had 33 costumed visitors. Yeah, he keeps track. 50 kids in 2001,55 kids in 2002 and 33 kids in 2003. Everyone has their FREAK moments and TheMan is all about knowing exactly how many kids came by on Halloween. Oh, and one Mary Kay lady. Heh, he scared the Beegeebus out of her too, it was really funny. She is our neighbor from down the way and she was handing out cards and a sample and some candy in a small bag. If I were into Mary Kay I would be set.

Oh yeah, the brownies. I made the coffee brownies with kahlua and this time they were really thick and gloppy when I poured them into the pan. I think it is my curse to not be able to duplicate a recipe because I keep doing the same thing and they keep turning out different. I did this with chocolate chip cookies in college so it is nothing new, except these brownies are from a mix. For crying out loud, I add an egg, a third cup oil and a third cup coffee stuff and mix. Not exactly rocket science, how can you get drastic variation on that? Well I can. They turned out tasty, though, and we went delivering.

Did I say what our costumes were? We went in jammies and FBI badges and were sleeper agents. You know, I think I did write this. ANYWAY, we hit Alessar’s party to drop off some coffee brownies and stayed a bit and then continued on to Rob’s party and hung for a while. Rob made food. And more food. And even more food and it was all very tasty as it usually is. He even cracked out The Tolberone, which is about a year old now and still has about half or more of the bar to go. He picked up a 40 pound Tolberone in Amsterdam coming back through last Halloween and it still isn’t even much dented, despite his dragging it out every party he has. It’s freaking HUGE. I also think it regenerates.

We got home mighty late.

Yesterday we had much fun and excitement in The Rehearsal. I broke the pastor (hee) which I guess you can read about at TheMan’s site (I’m currently not online) and then we went to Paesanno’s for the dinner. I had no idea the human stomach could hold so much. Oi! I wasn’t even much hungry today after church and I am never going to eat like that again. Holly Wah. They had set up the back room with a U shaped table so TheMan and I sat at the bottom of the U, or sorta the head of the table. Unfortunately, the people who sat at the tips of the U were a little out of casual dinner interaction and that we regretted. So for them…Hi Mr. Paul, Mumses and Sis! *wave* Hi Mom and Dad Q, Rob and Joanna *wave* I really wish we could have had more dinner chatting with them.

The food was delicious! They had made up dinner menus just for us *squeee* and had even run out of the “Dumplings in Lamb Sauce” for the rest of the restaurant saving enough for us. TheMan was the only one to get that plate but at least someone got it. I wonder if they released the rest of the dinners back into the wild once they figured out we weren’t going to order them? I forgot to ask. Hee, we had a good time with the “Lamb Sauce” too. It was Lamb SausAGE but typoed. Still, lamb sauce. Hee. How hard do you have to squeeze them or cook them down? I think there were about 6 seafood pepper dishes, 5 fillets and 3 lasagnas for the break down. Well, and the Lamb sauce dish and I think Badmovie had the chicken dish. I had the sea food stuffed pepper and it was very good, however it was on this potato thing that was out of this world. The potatoes made the stuffed pepper pale in comparison. Wow. Taters.

We gave away the presents and everyone seemed to like them. I love giving presents! The Girls all got garnet and gold jewelry to wear with their skirts and such (they also got their finished skirts to take home and hang. I guess Mom Q was explaining exactly how to iron them incase they got wrinkled and Sis promptly decided after the paragraph about typing paper that hers was NOT going to get wrinkled. There is quite a bit of involvement in ironing them I guess.), the parents got Ypsilanti Wine Club memberships and two bottles on the My Bloody Clementine plus some stone wine goblets (the Wine club will entitle them to some of all the wines we have going as well as others we are making this year), Badmovie got an Airport hub, Rob got an awesome wine corker? Decorker? Screw pull? Thing that takes the cork out! And a vacuum sealer thing for saving wine if you haven’t drunk it all. Like we know what THAT is about here in the Q house. Hee. Oh yeah, Joel got beer of the month and two pints that we etched “Joel’s Pint” and Joel’s Other Pint”. The readers got gifts too (Dirge got the first season of Smallville and DQ got Celtic knot earrings and a pendant in a keen stone/wood box) and we gave all the attendants small My Bloody Clementine bottles. Everyone was geeked, including us. I love presents!

OOOOOOooo! I almost forgot! I got something too! Dad Q presented me with a white gold medallion that had the Q family name design he created on one side. They engraved the back to say “Love 11-09-03 J&J” and the gold is from Grandma Q’s rings! (G’ma Q passed away quite some time ago). How cool is that? *squeeee*! It’s one of the neatest gifts ever. We had a really good time.

Heh, we just got a call from TheRCK’s husband saying he had found some fall M&Ms at Kroger. Want to know what TheMan and I did yesterday before the rehearsal? We sorted six pounds of M&Ms into the blue and green ones (which taste awful. No really, I have been munching on them and now they taste bad. My mouth hurts too) and the remaining red, orange, yellow and brown ones. We made our OWN fall mix. If I had waited but one more day. *sigh* Ah well, we have horrible M&Ms to eat now. GET THESE AWAY FROM ME!

OK, time to go wake up TheMan…or maybe play some Diablo. TheMan was all a-buzz last night and didn’t wind up in bed until 3am or there abouts. He’s busy catching up on sleep. I think I’ll let him nap some more.

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