Substandard Breakfast Weekend Recap

The ancient Cinnamon Trilobite was…not so tasty.

Friday LunarGeography and I went out to eat at an actual sit down eatery on account of TheMan having Friday off. So while he flex-time snoozed in, we tripped over to the Bomber restaurant and had us some BREAKFAST! It was awesome. I ordered the breakfast special (two eggs, taters and toast) and thought that maybe it would take the edge off of the morning hunger. I mean, two eggs, hash browns and toast doesn’t seem like a lot, unless they give you about three potatoes worth of hash. I was so full (yet happy because BOMBER BREAKFAST!)

And thus we come full circle to this morning’s mediocre to forgettable Meijer’s cinnamon rolls and coffee that I didn’t steep long enough. Bleh, happy Monday. However, there was some Saturday and Sunday in between which were decent.

Saturday was kind of a wasted Warcraft day since we didn’t have the right mix of players on. We were supposed to “pug” (Pick Up Group) and instance if we were lacking a team member buuuut…I don’t know. This or that and hang-around-doing-nothing cakes. BAH! The WoW (the game) peeps have implemented Brewfest again which is fun, except you can’t get the Brewfest riding ram anymore. Or maybe you can but it’s now some sort of drop from an uber Brewfest boss or something. Last year’s tickets for a ram deal was awesome. I’m also glad we got Locus (ne Secant. Or is that Secant ne Locus? I had to change his name when we ported him over from the other server and he is now Secant) his ram mounts last year since he’d be SOL this year. And riding a chicken. Ugh!

We did try the Brewfest uber boss but he managed to kick our hinders so hard we were suddenly playing Neverwinter Nights. It was frightening. We logged all sad like.

Saturday evening was another Smithee Nite Out so we loaded up our games and headed on over to the Corner Brewery. Swank. We played a rousing game of Apples to Apples (in which things were as normal as Witch Hunts and as chancy as A Dozen Roses) and then Carcassone. Which I lost. Even with TheMan as my teammate we got skunked by two teams and managed to just beat out the third team by two points. We suck giant Carcassone Moose Wang we do. Oi!

Our Smithee Stalker bought us a Brew Club so we got to have our beer in the member’s mug! Sorta. The “Smithee” mug is still being created so we had a generic “You’re in the club but your mug’s not here yet’ mug. Still…cooooOOoooool. I recommend the…errr…Hoptoberfest? Maybe? Whatever it was, it was goooo-ooood!

Sunday we boogered around in the morning doing a lot of nothing. It was also kind of yuck out. Hrrrrm. TheMan went to meet his freelance partner and I went shopping and then we came home where TheMan passed out from giant brain eating headache. Poor TheMan. I went over to the BadGardens with hot apple cider fixins in tow and fired up a big ol’ pot of the stuff. We, the six of us gaming, drank a gallon and a half of hot apple cider and it was delish. I even had enough left over for TheMan to partake AND for the department quarterly potluck. Bonus!

To top the night off, we logged onto Warcraft to find everybody on. So we took on the Brewfest boss again and P0WND his sorry Brewfest boss butt. Huzzah!

2007: JSFR: Toppo (salted caramel)

2006: Getting my ass kicked by a computer game and not updating.

2005: I woke up disgruntled at TheMan for tossing my owl out of a moving car yet I couldn’t really blame him. That owl was like three spoiled two year olds after a plate of frosted brownies.

2004 : Hoptoberfest ate my update.

2003: Gooey Cakes. You will have to wait for the Japanese Snack Food Review on them but I think we have ourselves a 1 wasabi winner.

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  1. Kevin Says:

    Secant ne Locus. “Ne” (or “nee,” depending) approximately means “born as.”

  2. boo Says:

    Ah! OK. I wasn’t sure if ne meant ‘formerly known as’ or ‘now known as’. Those wiley French!

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