The Most Awesome Hot Apple Cider Recipe I Know

Today’s recipe is pretty short and sweet (heh) but dang does it make a delicious fall drink.

My Mumses’s Awesome Hot Apple Cider Recipe

4 parts apple cider
1 part cranberry juice
4-6 cinnamon sticks
1-2 tsp whole cloves

Pour the cider in a large stock pot. Add cranberry juice until cider has a definite pink-y cast (the 1 to 4 ratio is more of a starting approximation). Add spices and turn burner on medium to medium high. Simmer for at least an hour, more if you want your whole house to smell delicious. Serve.

I used 2 gallons of cider and one half gallonish (750ml? I have no idea what the literage was but it was about the same size as a half gallon) bottle of cranberry juice in this last cidering, which is more or less a 1 to 4 ratio. We also had more juice than pot at the beginning so half way through cider nomming I refreshed the pot with the rest of the liquid. In the end I achieved a 1 to 4 ratio but I didn’t specifically measure out portions either time I was adding stuff. Kinda reminds me of Wikipedia, actually.

I also just threw in cinnamon sticks until I felt I had enough. I think for a 10ish quart stock pot (I still haven’t looked to see what size my small stock pot is) I tossed in 5 sticks. The cloves too were loosely measured at about 1 tsp. I didn’t bother to refresh the spices when I added more liquid later on.

Lastly, you can cheat the cider a little and set it to boil right off and then turn it down to simmer. Some of us are impatient and that particular maneuver gets the cider hot fast and won’t ruin the final product. Besides, I like the smell of simmering cider. I think we simmered the cider on for 3 hours or so.

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