Wherein I Randomly Digress

I love me a Friday because Fridays are the days I like to do a (more)random type of entry. That is when I actually post on a Friday and when I’m not doing some other post that is more coherent. Anyway, here are five random things.

ITEM ONE: Is it me or are people really ramping up the driving assholeatude? Every day into or home from work this week there has been either a person riding our bumper and leaving less than a car’s length of space or a person zipping in and out of traffic incredibly erratically. I’d like to say that these examples are often the same person but alas, they are not. What’s that about? We’re not going pokey slow by any means but darned if we’re going to go 10+ miles over the speed limit because someone is in a hurry. Back off, nut bucket, you’re gonna get us both into an accident.

I was pretty amused by one guy this past Wednesday who was bumper riding someone and almost wrecked because the lead car slowed down to turn right. Bumper lover didn’t leave enough space (duh) and wound up slamming on the breaks and coming to a very short stop (not in the lead vehicle’s trunk though). Then bumper hugger honked at the lead car. Because…what? Lead car had the audacity to turn onto another street? Maybe bumper hugger was just honking to let everyone know that he was an ass. BEEP! Hey everyone! I’m an ass hole! BEEP! BEEP!

ITEM TWO: We (the posse of Badmovie, TheMan and I) checked out this new shop out on Liberty near Main Street called The Cupcake Station. They sell, surprise, cupcakes! They sell all sorts of different kinds of cupcakes and even make the cutest mini cupcakes (which are about half frosting because they are tiny but the frosting is not. Yum) but…cupcakes? At $2.50 a pop for a medium sized cupcake I wonder if they might have priced and niched themselves into shop failure. On the other hand, they do have a sister store in Birmingham and their mini-cupcakes seem pretty reasonably priced at $1.25 each so…*shrug*

They also have some sort of coffee/warm drink capacity but I’m not entirely certain they have anything more than the basics. I wasn’t exactly checking out the drink menu, especially with a giant case full of Shiny! cupcakes. It could very well be that you can get a frou-frou drink with your cupcake should you want to, I don’t know. I was trying to decide which looked better, the peanut butter chocolate or the chocolate bumpy cake. I left the bumpy cake for another day but I think I might want to go back sooner than later for it.

ITEM THREE: We had breakfast at the Bomber restaurant this morning. As usual, I was craving something pancakey, something eggy, and something hash brownie and you just can’t get pancakes, eggs and hash in any restaurant that I know of. At least any restaurant that I’ve had this craving at and I want pancakes, eggs and hash quite a lot. Fortunately, LunarGeography wanted french toast and an omelet so I ordered the French toast and a side egg, she ordered an omelet that came with hash browns and we had the most excellent breakfast when we divided it up.

ITEM FOUR: When did it become the end of September? I’m not ready for the end of September. I still have tomatoes on the vine and a garden to chopper out. WAH!!!

ITEM FIVE: I think that perhaps I drink too much coffee. I don’t like to drink coffee after Noon because it keeps me awake so I do all my coffee drinking in the morning. Tuesday I discovered I had downed five cups of coffee before most people eat lunch. That’s a little excessive. Mind you, I haven’t done much other than remark to myself that three, four, five, whatever cups of coffee is quite a bit of coffee but they say the first step is realization. Or something. I wonder if I should cut out a cup or two…

2007: Randomly not updading.

2006: Our foliage now has serious mange for which the only cure is that somebody forcibly removes the loppers from my clenched fists.

2005: We also don’t have a really good ventilation system if the oil happens to get a little too hot and start smoking like a meth lab gone wrong.

2004: JSFR: AmericanSoft Cookies

2003: Hey, the new season starts next week? COOL! As you can see, I’m all up on the T.V.

4 Responses to “Wherein I Randomly Digress”

  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    Do you think that we can even support a second cupcake shop???? I went into the one on 4th Avenue once and I think the damned cupcake was almost $3. If a cupcake is going to cost me $3, I’d like it to at least make me crap gold or something.

    What is the Bomber?

  2. boo Says:

    I’d pay $3 for a cupcake if it was one of those GIANT cupcakes and had truffle filling and some sort of gourmet hat or whatnot. These cupcakes seemed a little overpriced. Also, I have no idea there was another cupcake place in town. Yeah, not sure we need a second cupcake store but we’ve got 10 bazillionty coffee shops and they seem to be thriving so *shrug*

    The Bomber is a restaurant on Michigan Ave sort of in the middle of town.

  3. Bailey Says:

    Gah! Try bicycling on the side of the road sometimes. Drivers SKIM your bike!!! And pedestrians walk out in front of you without looking, because they apparently fear car-smackage but not cyclist-smackage. *fume*

  4. Boo Says:

    I have to say that for those bicyclists that zoom around on the sidewalks that I’m always paranoid that they are going to be right behind me when I turn or drift a little off from a straight path. Then again, they aren’t supposed to be on the sidewalks so I also have little sympathy if they get in a wreck smacking into a ped. On the other hand, yeah. I’d totally deserve a good bike smackin’ if I was a stupid ped and just walked willy-nilly into traffic and a bicycle.

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