The Old Miss B

Today is my last day at work as a single woman and as a B boo. Wednesday, when I get back, I’ll be boo Q. Hee. TheMan and I have been geeking quietly, or not so quietly and exclaiming “4 Days!” or “5 Days” or whatever the count of the day happens to be. We are at 3! I have been taking the late shower this week and so far every day I have walked into a steamy room with a heart drawn in the mirror fog and the number of days inside. I love my man, I think I’ll marry him!

We went over to DQ’s house yesterday and had a bit of fam time and movie watching. The Italian Job = very good. MINI COOPS! Plus Edward Norton gets decked…more than once. We are going over there again today for more fam time as more fam arrives. Friday TheMan and I are pretty much on our own, which suits us. I expect we shall take the day and get rid of all those niggling little details that take a moment’s time and finish off a project. Things like getting a little more goodies to fill the favor boxes, which were a tad bigger than I had thought. They fit 2 Recees mini-cups and we don’t quite have enough now. No big, but just one of those details.

Speaking of details, I grabbed the list of things to do from last week and did some alterations. Take a look (or not, maybe I’m the only one all excited by the progress)

1. A handful of tunes have to be added and then they whole thing has to be sound leveled. Done! Whooo. TheMan had to authorize my machine to play the tunes he grabbed from the iTunes store and then he went through and edited the endings so there would be no uncomfortable dead air and then he stuffed them all on the iPod. My man rocks. Big check and a gigantic crossing out of this item.

2. We need to make a few more favors boxes. Maybe 10-15. We also need to get M&Ms for the insides. Mmmmm. More yodeling whooness for this check and crossed off item, except we need to get another bag of Peanut Butter Cups and more than likely another bag of M&Ms. So I am going to have to add to the list…

3. [New Item!]Buy more M&Ms, sort more M&Ms, loathe more M&Ms, buy more PB cups, fill favor boxes.

4. We need to put together the kids bored bags and DAMNIT! I forgot to get the cicada instructions copied. All done, bored bags are ready for loading. Which brings me to a new check list item…

5. [New Item #2!]Pack all the stuff up to go to the caterers.

6. I want to windex the glass table bowls. [still needing to do that. Yup. Tonight maybe? Tomorrow?]

7. I need to hook up with the floating oil lamps. [still need to do that BUT we have plans to maybe meet the sis and do the exchange tomorrow]

8. Dress/tux final fitting. [Tuxes are tonight. Go guys!]

9. Last chat with photographer on Monday. Gone done talked to her and paid her off too. Damn it feels good to get something obliterated from a list.

10. Check to Mr. Cake on Monday. All done and he is off the list. Ta Da!

11. Disposable cameras for the tables need to be purchased. Although…I may have to buy another box because I believe Uncle G took the cameras meant for G’ma Q’s limo ride trip so we are sending up some of ours to replace the ones that have gone missing. We shall see.

12. My dress run through with the veil and hair and all is on Thursday. [That’s today…big crossing out of this tomorrow. Whooo].

13. PROGRAMS! Hee. TheMan is putting them together and printing them as we speak. Read. Write, whatever. So they are started and in process. Half cross out for this item.

14. Picking out the vows. Been there, done that, was at the rehearsal. Cool beans.

15. I forgot to copy the reading things for Dirge and DQ. The church had a copier machine. Whooo. Done and done.

Is that it? Oh I wish. Lets see. Oh so we really just have to get the lamps and fill them, Windex the floaty bowls, organize the stuff to go to the caterers, buy some more goodies, Hmmm…guest book? I have 2 days to figure that out so whatever. Not so much to do. I like that. Tomorrow I sleep in!

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  1. dirge Says:

    I still intend to ad lib 🙂