Check it out! I am vastly pleased with myself for coming up with this very clever idea. TheMan wanted me to pick up some candy for his office so people could go trick or Treating at his desk so I headed out to K-Rogets to see what I could get. Originally, I was going to grab some of those snack sized packages of candy corn and a metal pumpkin thing we have at home and call that good, but the mighty K-rogets let me down in the individual snack packed candy corn. They did have these cute little trick and Treat candy dishes and we have a stack of leftover glow in the dark bugs from the last Smithees in A2. Thus, an idea was born!

It is an awesome idea, thankyouverymuch.

I picked up a bunch of chocolate and other treats that people generally like (Starburst and Tootsie Rolls) because I’m nice. I’m still not buying my work peeps candy more than once a month so if they all faceplant and eat me out of jar and home, they’ll have to wait until November for me to fill up again. On the plus side, November=cheap leftover Halloween candy. Booyaw!

HALLOWEEN! I went rummaging up in the Tetris packed closet last night for the bugs and the Halloween Bin. Playing Tetris backwards is no fun and of course the Halloween bin was at the very bottom of the stack. Behind the crochet projects, camera equipment and Smithee Supplies. Aaaaaaand there is no light in the closet so I got to wade in with a Maglight in my mouth while trying to decide what box I had in my hot little mitts. I really need to buy color coded bins for these things because one little paper label with ‘Halloween’ on it doesn’t cut it in the dark and gloom.

Plus I get a serious case of Maglight drool whenever I have to do anything with both hands and hold the flashlight in my mouth. Yuck.

On the other hand, HALLOWEEN TUB! I found my candy corn lights from Bubbles and there’s the eyeball lights and metal pumpkin things and WHEEE! I’m going to have to work on TheMan’s enthusiasms though because he asked why we were keeping the tub out – we wouldn’t be decorating for another month yet. Errr…what? Halloween’s this month, we should be putting lights up right now!

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2004: My second surreal was early this morning when a coworker popped a head into my office (her own head, not someone else’s).

2003: I even want to stop at the squash table, pick up a wiggy looking squash and say “What the hell is this?!??”

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