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Yeah, sorry. It’s a lame links day but I gotta clear these things out every once in a while and hey! I updated on my days off. That means I was at home AND signed in AND not NeoPetting (why does that sound kinky?). Plus, y’all even got a Friday and Saturday entry on the weekend of my wedding. You should be glad for the non wedding related entries, you know.

Besides, I’m the wet and dry slayer cowboy pickle. HA!

You are WATER

Your inner element is one of great compassion and
love. You are an extremely kind-hearted person
who tends to care more about helping others
than themselves at times. You gravitate to
people who need help or just a shoulder to cry
on and you provide them with the support they
need. You harbor an intense compassion for
others that is truly admirable. You are an
incredibly easy-going person who just goes with
the flow and tries to be comfortable no matter
what. You tend to collect things, little
reminders or memories of time gone past. Any
career that will allow you to help others in
any way is ideal for you. Love is a essential
element in your life, and your search for the
one and only for you is paramount to all
things. The one you choose with have to be
loyal, honest, and able to share their emotions
with you.
Your greatest strengths are your ability to bond
with others and help them through the tough
times. Your weaknesses are your tendency to get
overly emotional on things and drive those you
care about away with your emotional outbursts.
Balancing your strengths and weaknesses is
crucial for you to achieve balance in your
Astrologically, Water is associated with the signs
of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. You are most
compatible for either love or friendship with
another Water Elemental or with an Earth. You
are least compatible with a Fire Elemental.

Which of the 5 Prime Elements are you?
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Hrrrmmmm, well I am an Aquarius (you know, the whole water bearer thing) but as I understand it, Aquarians are air signs. (I also seem to be an earth rooster in Chinese astrology, I’m hitting all the bases!) I think the air fits me better and I managed to get that one when I answered the first question differently (couldn’t decide between the oaky expensive furniture or the collectibles and comfy bed. I want it all!) but water has some points as well. Eh.

You are AIR

Your inner element is one of change and growth. You
are an intensely intellectual and curious
person who simply must know the answers to
everything. You question everything about the
world and the people in it. Because of your
constant search for new things you are blessed
with the ability to change and adapt to most
anything. You love people and tend to get
active in causes that interest you. You tend to
attract many friends but don’t tend to hold on
to them for great lengths of time. Any career
that stimulates your desire to learn or develop
new things is ideal for you. Love for you tends
to start out as friendship and build into a
life-long commitment. You look for trust and
openness in your partner, and once you find it
you will let yourself fall completely in love.

Your greatest strengths are your incredible ability
to learn and adapt to all things. Your
weaknesses are your inability to slow down and
let others catch up. If you aren’t careful, you
will leave too many people in the dust.
Balancing your strengths and weakness is
crucial for you to achieve balance in life.
Astrologically, Air is associated with the signs of
Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. You are most
compatible for either love or friendship with
another Air Elemental or with an Fire. You are
least compatible with a Earth Elemental.


The Network. Fnord.
The Network:

You are the Voice of World Control.


Which Illuminati are you?
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What exactly does that mean? I got a cool chrome map icon though. BooYAW chrome!

ROFLMAO! Naughty Nurse Outfit. I think I need a change of pants…

What does Halloween 2003 have in store for you? by mrs_dunwoody
Your LiveJournal name…
Your duds… A naughty nurse costume
Your company… Spike, the Vampire
The place… Las Vegas
The action… Kung Fu fighting
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Yeah. Las Vegas, Kung Fu Fightin Action and Spike. Mmmmm, Spike.

Wait, where was I? Oh yeah, Spike. Mmmmmm….

Huh? Oh yeah, quiz stuff. Hold on…
Cyanide, Ameretto. You can tell the difference by the color of the puke. No really!

What Alcoholic Drink are You? by ladytetsu
lj name
you are amaretto
drunk by pretty much everybody
at living rooms with rose carpets
as vomit, you appear as stomach acid and booze
and your most serious side effect is the shakes
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Mmmm, pickles.

The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz
The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz


What Irrational Number Are You?
You are π

Of all the irrational numbers, you are the most famous. You have many friends and fans. Like many people, non-Euclidean geometry makes you feel uncomfortable. You are involved in so many things that it seems like it would take two of you to make ends meet.

You are particularly close to the rational number 22/7. However, you and e have been called “remarkable.”

Your lucky number is approximately 3.14159265

Shiny Lemur
Straif’s Blog

I like pie.

I am so down with this one, I LOVE the key of

Eb major – you are warm and kind, always there for
your friends, who are in turn there for you.
You are content with your confortable life and
what you are currently achieving; if you keep
in this state you will go far.

what key signature are you?
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It’s the most comfortable key to play in, if you happen to play oboe or flute. Yay E flat Major!

…and apparently

I am Dr. Herbert West, from “Reanimator.”
I’m right. You’re wrong.

Which Random Cult Movie Character are you?
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Now I need to see that flick.

Cool, I am at least keeping with the whole Slayer thing (I came out Buffy in last one I took), cooler I have a boss accent, not so cool I’m dead.

You are


"Emotions are weakness. You shouldn’t entertain them."

What "Buffy" Character Are You?

…and lastly,

I am the cowboy
You’re the cowboy. You’re charming, old fashioned,
and down to earth. You’re more comfortable
alone on the range than in social situations,
but that doesn’t mean you don’t want someone
around to rope and ride now and then.

What member of the Village People are you?
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2 Responses to “Links, Stuff and Things”

  1. dirge Says:

    I am Tetsuo, from “Akira.” Leave mealone, dammit!

    Like I didn’t see this one coming ;p

  2. boo Says:

    Yeah, but you do get to blow up NeoTokyo. That’s pretty cool. Plus, you get a sahweet theme somg (although I might too, haven’t seen Reanimator, but I’m pretty sure there is no blowing up of major cities there. Too bad)