More Friday Whatever

Hold on to something, this is going to be another SAST entry!

I don’t even know how many points I’ll have for today I’m feeling that spazzy. I could have 2 (or none! What’s my point??!? HA!) or I could have five or more!

ITEM ONE: Weekend plans, I have them. Stalker Patti is having her Halloween party this Saturday and I’m going as the Windows 95 BSOD. I love Thinkgeek. Everyone I’ve told my plans to has given me an odd look and said, “Tomorrow? Isn’t that a little early for a Halloween Party?” Goodness no! I think it’s brilliant planning since tomorrow’s party lets me attend two other Halloween parties without having to pick and choose. Hawsome. Besides, I love Halloween season and kicking it off early is A-OK by me.

P.S. I couldn’t find the right kind of cake but I do have the right kind of hot dogs so food plans proceed apace if a little hampered. Darned K-Rogets is doing some sort of downsizing wherein they axed their cake mix selection by half. Tough toogies if you want cake that isn’t Devil’s Food chocolaty-chocolate, yellow or white. Wait, I think they had an obligatory cherry or strawberry in there…or maybe it was cherry chip which is basically white cake with little pink dots. Don’t want to get too radical with the caking. Hrrrmph.

ITEM TWO: Smithee stuff! We are slated to go over the A2 clips this evening with badmovie and LunarGeography. Fortunately, not all the clips ‘cuz head a-splode is never pretty. I should get some decent crocheting done though.

ITEM THREE: Crocheting! I am doing it. I do not know if I’ll get the blankets done by the end of the month though as I haven’t been as diligent as I had wanted to be about the blanketing. Then again, I haven’t given myself RSI in my crocheting hands either so I guess…yea? When I get more blankety looking blankets I’ll photograph both so y’all can see the fun. Right now, the rejected blanket looks like a table runner and Alessar’s blanket looks like an over-wide scarf.

ITEM FOUR: I need to write up my JSFR for tomorrow. Then again, being on time isn’t something the Junkies are used to. I might procrastinate some more if only to save them the heart attack of a finding a timely update.

ITEM FIVE: I need two of me so I can get all my projects done. I think I’d have to split the cleaning to be fair though, one of me can clean the kitchen and the other of me can keep the family room in order. I’ll have to draw straws to see who gets to play Warcraft, who gets to read, who is crocheting and who gets to cook. Maybe I need more of me than just two! It might be easier to rally for a 4 day work week or 36 hours in the day (of which we still only work 8 of them). Sadly, knowing my luck, THEY will approve a 36 hour day but then we’ll have to work 12 hours to keep the ratio the same. Man, I am so fed up with THEM harshing my free time buzz!

2007: To turn off the alarm, you have to poke the shut up button rather than giving it a good solid smack and since the feets aren’t gripper feets (of doom) the only thing that actually happens is that the clock ootches backwards.

2006 at the booniverse: Randomly not updating.


2004: Prepping for head a-splody and not updating.

2003: Yeah, back to the Ohio bashing. I can’t help it, we were talking college sports and it just sorta naturally flowed that way.

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    Great minds think alike–that was my exact thinking for planning so early. We’ve lost people each year to other parties, so I’m glad we didn’t lose you 🙂 Also, I had hoped it would be warm enough to be outside, which it was! And like you, Hween is the best season evah, so it’s nice to start it now.

    Thanks again for coming and bringing the mummy hotdogs…they lasted about 10 seconds, but I was lucky to snag one 🙂

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