Wustery Blustery

Toto, I don’t think we are in Kansas any longer. Toto…?

Woah. Winds abound. Yesterday was my first day back to work and I was actually happy and pleased about it (other than a few minor annoyances like my FOOT). Freaky I tell you. Then TheMan and I went home for a half hour of puttering before he up and went to work on the Smithees. I was in a crank assed mood (stupid FOOT) by the time we got home so I opted to stay behind and do laundry as well as stew in my own juices. Man, I hate it when I have an internal low level crank when I would really rather be out enjoying myself. It’s one thing to stew in a crank when you are internally and externally in accordance with being petulant and snotty and generally a pill but I was all about the happy yesterday. My body? Not so much. Damnit, I didn’t want to be cranky but this stupid foot ow is wearing on me I think. Fucking foot.

So while I wanted to go to the office with TheMan and hang around while he did Smithee stuff I knew I’d be whiny and demanding and fidgety and generally a pain in the ass. I almost had to put the smack down on my own self it was that bad. To pass the time between laundry loads (I was actually doing something productive) I read the next book in the series I am reading. Some relaxation though. The book took a turn that got me even more out of sorts which was doubly compounded when I went down to change over the laundry. Every single load that had sheets in them, and we had a bit of a back log in the sheet washing department thanks to a sick kitty and new purchases, wound up a fucking sodden mess of balled up ass sheet that mocked me from the dryer. I hate sheets. It threw my whole timing off and my foot was not happy about going up and down stairs any more than it had to and the main character in the book was turning into a lying cheat and NYARRRGH! By the time TheMan got home I was in a black mood, made even blacker by the fact that I did not want to be In A Mood. Welcome to married life, not get out of my way before I HOBBLE YOU TO DEATH! Garh!

If my foot doesn’t quit with the ow I’m going to yank it off and beat it about the…foot. Argh! It’s driving me nuts (no ship’s wheel). Fallen arch? Hairline fracture? Aliens setting up a mining colony? Who knows but I can not figure out why and what makes my foot hurt. Take this morning, for example. Fresh out of bed the damn thing is sending signals of “Quit already!” to my brain. It’s had all night to rest, what up that? Yesterday walking with Alessar it hurt more on the way to lunch than on the way back, yet if I walk around too much it starts to get down right uncomfortable and is just fine after I rest it a bit.

I wish the foot would make up its mind. Is it sore from disuse? Over use? Use on a Tuesday? Use in high winds? What?!?? I want a rhyme or reason and I want it now. Unfortunately it looks like I’m going to have to wait until tomorrow to see the doc. I may have just beat my foot into a bloody pulp by then though and the visit will be a moot point. Damn foot. Now it’s got my shin and knee all cranky too from my funny limp shuffle.

*pant pant* So you see, I’m just a joy to live with. TheMan is holding up well, or plotting to off me once everything is settled. I think the courts may give him a medal for that if things keep going. “Oh, you killed off that bitchy boo? Thank you, TheMan, from the bottoms of our hearts. They jury all found you not guilty and want to award you some compensation for your suffering.” Oi! Well I go in tomorrow to see what’s going on with stupid foot. Maybe I’m just getting old. And cranky. Er, that is. Crankier.

So yeah, the wind (which I mentioned way way way up there before I went off on a nut about my FOOT). It was pretty fearsome around these parts last night with all the blowing of wind and blatting of leaves (which is exactly the sound they make when they come flying en-mass at the windows and stick there). We still haven’t taken the AC out of the window (yeah yeah, getting to that. No really) so the wind whistled itself right on through the vent and things seemed much louder. It was kinda cool in a spooky winter’s night way. Very Erlkoennigs. The power even glitched off a couple times long enough that I started to make mental pictures of where the flashlights were so I could go bumble around and get one. I never left the bed but the black stuck around long enough for me to put down my book and give a thinks about the flashlights. It did that twice and after the second time I decided to let all the clocks be (no use in resetting them just to do it again). Everything at the boo house flashes now including TheMan.

Hee. Well, not on purpose. We let the cats of war out into the main room last night and they were so thrilled about it (after being locked out since Sunday) they just had to cram one or both of their heads through the curtains to see what they have been missing. Cat’s have no sense of decency, they will shove a curtain gap wide enough for their head and a small humvee to look out the window. They wont do it all the time so sometimes when we look over…whoops! We have been walking around in our PJs while the outside world has had a 4 inch window of opportunity (I slay me) to see us in our sleeping finery. I’m just lucky I decided to wear a robe to go about with my laundry stuff or the neighbors would have gotten much more than a free tight angle peep at TheMan’s (sexy) hinder.

Eh. Things happen.

Oh! Speaking of things happening at the Q house, we have a tentative plan for the wedding money. We are dividing it into thirds and saving one chunk responsibly in some sort of responsible saving plan, spending a third of it on a totally frivolous something for us and using the last bit to get some needed household items. We went and picked up the place settings for our china (I’m putting that under household items even though one does not NEED china, exactly) and got the wine glass holder deelies off the registry (whooo! A place for the glasses! Man, we have no room for anything in that kitchen…how did people function when they built the house? I am boggled) and we will probably have enough left over to get a credenza or something for our dishes. We gave the frivolity some thought and we are leaning towards getting a house server and Smithee Slave computer. We are still in the investigative/inquiry stages of that plan, however.

Oh! Again with the “oh” BUT! For those of you reading and in the area there is a mini Smithees at Ucon. It is this Saturday at…7? Somewhere in the Union. There should be signs. TheMan and Badmovie did this last year and had a successful first year of “Smithee Primaries” (that’s the word I want right? Like the semi finals?). It’s basically just their clip picks and the audience votes on what A2 contingent clips go to the finals. It was a lot of fun last year, come by this year and check it out.

Also check THIS out: booniverse.com. It lives! Whooooo! Always working to improve a booniverse near you.

And today is my official 2^8th entry. For those playing at home.

OK, I’m done. Have a good day y’all.

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