The Friday Five (11/14)!

Unique, interesting.
Thoughtful, tough, blanking
cranky, glowering, stupid, boring
Ich hasse diese bloede Fuenf!

1. Using one adjective, describe your current living space.

But getting cleaner! HA! You Friday Five people thought you could design a set of questions that would shut a blabber blogger like myself down? AIN’T HAPPENING, Peaches! It’ll take a LOT more than “Name one, Name two..” to shut THIS mouth up! Heh.

Besides, who wants to come and read one word answers? So the house. We still have a ton of my stuff sitting around in boxes with no place to go and now we have a bunch of (very lovely and way cool) wedding stuff hanging around in boxes with no place to go and we have a ton of organizational stuff hanging around in boxes waiting to be assembled so that the stuff in boxes will have a home. Eventually, the clutter will all have a designated spot and things will, by default, be a little cleaner. I did get to more laundry and the bedroom is looking mighty fine. I even put the laundry away that came out of the dryer! For some reason that is the hardest part for me.

The dishes? Shut up, we weren’t talking about the dishes.

2. Using two adjectives, describe your current employer.

Retroactive Micromanagement

Or would that be retroactively micromanagementy? Micromanagementlike? Well whatever the correct adjectival form is, that describes my boss to a T (Tea? Tee?). Boss is always super busy with this or that and by the time she gets to noticing a project I have been working on or completed, she decides that it really needs to have been done another way. It also does not help that boss and I tend to think tangentally on most issues. What makes perfect sense to me is utterly mystifying to her and vice versa.

I once worked with a guy who could NOT deal with using short cuts in his work. He did everything long hand, albeit very well and thoroughly, but it took him forever and a day to do what I could get done (and done to requirements) in a quarter of the time. For the math geeks out there, it would be exactly like doing derivatives long hand every single time (which I have done and Oi! What a pain) despite the fact that L’Hopital’s rule will get you there in a fraction of the time. I love L’Hopital. For anyone I just lost, think of it as having to write cursive with all the dots and loops and thises and thats which everyone learned in third grade and promptly forgot by fifth. My boss is one of those non L’Hopital complete works cursive writer people.

3. Using three adjectives, describe your favorite hobby/past time.

Absorbing, Cozy, Achy, Peaceful [Editor’s note: Well, apparently I can’t count. Calc, yes…basic math, no]

Can you guess what it is? Neither can I but I can guarantee you that it is not hockey. I love to read. I read an entire book yesterday (when I was supposed to be home napping. On the other hand I did get several loads of laundry done, which I would not have accomplished had I actually been napping). It seems I haven’t been in a reading mood for a couple of years lately and that makes me rather sad. I love curling up in bed with the kitties all warm and snuggly and read until my legs and back hurt from lying in one spot too long.

I once took a book in to the john with me (note to self: not such a good idea) and read most of it before I realized my bum was getting very chilly hanging out there in the open and I could no longer feel my legs. Getting up and out of that situation was an adventure all its own. I can read in cars with no problem, lying down with no problem, sitting up with no problem (although I vastly prefer to be snuggled in bed reading) and occasionally if it is a really good book I can read it in a noisy chaotic scene no problem. It has to be a good book though.

Unfortunately, my eyeballs started going all funky like a few years back and preferring to focus on slightly different planes. This means without my glasses, which is how I prefer to read, my eyeballs have to do this straining dance to get the stereo images to line up correctly. It doesn’t much bother me tooling around doing day to day big stuff but it gets really funky when I start doing close work sans prismic correction. When I read without my glasses, the line I am reading splits at both ends even though there are not two lines in the middle. It gives me a righteous headache. Unfortunately, I think reading is an addiction for me because I’ll read on and on and on even though my eyeball weirdness is causing the mother of all headaches to sprout in my brain. Hence the relative lack of literature in my life as of late.

4. Using four adjectives, describe your typical day.

Sleepy, Caffeinated, Repetitious, Delightful

I go to bed way too late to be getting up at the time I do, which isn’t anything horrifically early really…just your standard 6ish in the morning alarm. I am just not a morning person. Given the opportunity I’ll be up until 5 in the morning and sleep through the day. Don’t know why that is but that’s just how my body starts to manage its sleep cycles if I don’t have to get up for anything. Unfortunately, very few employers work on that sort of schedule so I have to get up. I am always tired.

So, I usually hit the coffee shop for a cappuccino of sorts (today it is a super huge skim cap of doom) and jump start myself into the morning. On weekends I rarely, if ever, have any caffeine but on weekends I rarely, if ever, tend to get up before noon if I don’t have to. I take that back about the caffeination. If we hit church I hit the coffee.

My typical work day involves me doing a lot of the same thing over and over. The good part is that I have many different repetitious projects so when I get bored with one, I just hop on over to another. After a while, though, it can get to you. I’ll stop complaining though because I do have a job and despite my grumbling, it isn’t that much of a strain, there is a low level of job politics stress and the people in general are very cool. As are the benefits. I just chafe on occasion that any monkey could do what I do and I need to get myself doing something that matters.

After my work day, TheMan comes to pick me up or I drive to pick him up and we go home. We are such home bodies it’s scary. I would prefer to spend an evening with TheMan that go out and socialize. He is warm and cozy, two very good qualities in a husband. *squeeee* Husband! Still geeked over that, probably will stay that way for a good long time. To add some more sap, when I see TheMan after my work day it gives me a happy boost and I can not wait to get home and just be with him. We don’t have to be doing anything, in fact most days find him on his couch and me on mine (no idea why that is, I just prefer my couch and he prefers his) but just being in the same room with TheMan makes me happy. I think I have become my cat!

5. Using five adjectives, describe your ideal life.


OK, I have had enough of this Friday Five. I’ll tell you in as many words as I want what my ideal life would be because I am tired of trying to think of adjectives. Bored now. Actually, I just realized that the only single word adjective I could come up with that meant worry free was sorgenlos. It then occurred to me that this F5 would be laughingly simple in German as they tend to have a word for everything (and that is A word. It may be four thousand letters long but it is still A single word). Then I got mad that all the words I wanted to use were really phrases in English but single words in German. Then I decided to hell with it because I was starting to think in a language I haven’t really used in more than 10 years in order to come up with some stupid idyllic life adjectives. BAH! (I originally mistyped as BAZH. I think BAZH makes a lot of sense in its own weird mistyped way though, so I thought I’d share).

My idea life would be to live major worry free with TheMan for a very, very long time.

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