Remote Blahs

Hey! I’m in the kitchen writing this! I love portable computers. Whoot I say.

So this weekend was pretty fun and a whole lot of glah. We had the mini-Smithees on Saturday, which were OK. Sorta. We only had about 15 people show up at any one time (including the 4 regulars) so the new blood only really numbered 11. That’s not much of a showing. Still, it was pretty neat and I got to count ballots instead of bimbo ballets because of my stupid foot.

Did I say that I went to the doc Friday and she said “Hey, it’s a tendon strain. Take ibuprofin, wrap it and keep off of it.”? Well I did and man I hate that. $40 office visit for basically “Keep doing what you are doing and over time it will get better.” At least I know it isn’t a chip or fracture of something so I suppose that’s good. Oh look, an entire tangential paragraph. I rock.

After the Smithees, TheMan, Badmovie, Donald and I went to Denny’s and as delightful as Denny’s is at 12:30 in the morning, I’m going to have to put it on my list of places I just might not want to go to any more. Or maybe I should get something that I know will be hard pressed to be bad. I had stomach gut rumble like you wouldn’t believe. Damn Denny’s. We did come up with the concept of a French Toast Martini though so it was a productive if gut wrenching end to the day.

Sunday TheMan and I baby wrangled for TheRCK and her husband while they ran a LARP. Oi! Baby’s are a lot of work. TheMan and I took turns bouncing and amusing the baby with an occasional hand off to mom for feeding. I even got to do a diaper change! That makes a total of 2 in my life time. I wasn’t so much into the babysitting gig. TheRCK and her husband were much appreciative of our wrangling and we actually had a lot of fun doing it. At one point in time Delia was almost asleep on my shoulder. Awwww. She didn’t quite make it to snoozing because there was so much going on and she didn’t want to miss it. She’d do this little head nod and her eyes would slllooowly close and then POP she would struggle back awake to watch something else. Very cute.

Monday, you will notice I did not update. I was home sick with ick and slept a good portion of the day. Plus, I just did not feel like writing. (Heh, I have just moved to the living room and I am balancing the powerbook on Isaak. Not my fault he wouldn’t move. Distressingly I think he likes hanging out under the lap top; It makes it hard to type.) I was home again today with ick, again, but I felt a bit better so I actually got some stuff done. TheMan was home too with some sort of brain tumor or a remarkably potent headache but he too was up and around and we both were somewhat industrious.

I think I got up at about noonish, maybe 11 but it wasn’t because I wanted to get up. I was all for snoozing some more but my body had different plans. I guess I slept really soundly all night because damn my back hurt. It woke up at 11ish and told me “GET OUT OF BED!” You can’t much argue with that so up I got and decided to find the kitchen island. I knew where it once was when we originally put it in the corner but like most horizontal surfaces in the Q house it had collected all manner of stuff which had to be decollected before the surface…erm…resurfaced. So this I did. Wala! Kitchen island. Then, after TheMan got the iron spike out of his brain, or at least downgraded to a long rusty nail, he got up and hung the wine glass holders. Sahweeet! All our wine glasses are now clean and hung on these stylin bar like glass holders. Tres chic. This also means there is more room to put glasses in the cupboard where the wine glasses used to live. Slowly we are shaping up the kitchen so it is more usable.

OH! Hey, guess what else I did! Well, besides bash my sore foot on some junk that was hanging around waiting to bite my ankle. Stupid junk. No, I tamed the entire horde! Whoooo! TheMan helped some, like every time he came in to the kitchen (hee. “Hey babe, can you get all the roving dishes? Thanks. Oh hey, babe, can you put the platters away? Thanks.” Hmmm, I wonder why I kept seeing less and less of him as the night wore on). The kitchen is clean!

I even took a nap today. Man, I got all the bases covered. While I snoozed, TheMan found the living room so not only is the kitchen all sparkling but the living room is all neat and polished. To commemorate this momentous event, I cooked squash and banana muffins. OK, that didn’t make much sense but I was trying to figure out where to put the last two accomplishments of my day. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Huh. Well I’m starting to babble and the muffins should be cool enough to eat now. See yas later!

2 Responses to “Remote Blahs”

  1. dirge Says:

    You were out sick on a Monday! However will the checklist get completed?

  2. boo Says:


    My lovely assistant did them. Now Tuesday is a different matter. She’s not in and neither was I. I came back to a smoking ruins, papers a burning, deamons flying everywhere cackling “Checklist! Muahahaha!” It was a sight to see.