Foolproof Plans Are Hard to Come By, Son!

There was going to be a bit of a carpooling dilemma today because TheMan had to work late but I solved it by taking a vacation day. BOOYAW! I love getting 2 vacation days a month (on top of all the regularly scheduled U holidays) because every time I look at my accumulation I have even more vacation days! I can take one here and take one there and I still have two full weeks in reserve. I can even take a big ticket vacation (Origins, etc.) and BAMN! The vacation pool magically replenishes itself and then some. LOVE!

I decided to dip into my magic vacation-day pool rather than work out the carpooling logistics and stayed home. HA! I really ought to take more random vacation days on account because I love the 4 day work week. I could get used to two on/one off/two on/two off. It’s kinda like a dance step but more work-y.

So! What did I do on my impromptu vacation day? Lemmie tell the tale.

TheMan got up at oh-dark-hundred and was out the door by 7:30ish give or take. I got up and boogered around with him and then promptly went back to bed and slept in. The cats gave two paws up for that plan and we all had a nice cozy sleep until 10ish.

Sadly, it was a day of errands (drat) so I couldn’t be as lazy as I wanted but the first errand was brunch with badmovie. I can get up at 10 for brunch, especially when it’s iHOP (IHoP? IHOP? Hippity-hop?). The blintzes were tasty, I recommend the blueberry over the dark cherry. After brunch we zoomed by LunarGeography’s work area via Starbuck’s. May I recommend the salted caramel hot chocolate (and also salted caramel mocha, which will be revealed as a menu item in November I believe).

Then it was off to Sam’s club for THINGS AND STUFF IN GINORMOUS PROPORTIONS! Sometimes Sam’s is the bomb for things of that nature…like laundry detergent or Zantak. Candy too is a decent price and I got 2 new pillows for $10. Score! Meijer’s would have only given me one for that price.

At this point in time Badmovie and I parted ways and I continued to the condo fuckers to ask about the urgent survey messages they kept leaving. It turns out it’s a third party institution that is looking into condoizing the complex (they are actually a co-op) or whatever something DON’T CARE, TRYING TO SELL THE UNIT!! Apparently, the survey that went out wasn’t expressly labeled “You must do this or else!!1!” and I expressed to not do it. The lack of condoizing information is not endearing the condo fuckers to the third party peeps and the upshot of it was “Whatever”. I took that whatever and ran with it since I don’t want to deal with the third party poopers but I did dutifully stop by the unit to see if they had dropped off THE IMPORTANT INFO!

They hadn’t but I noticed the condo fuckers have been busy relandscaping. The fancy-pants horticulturist (no kill I!) ripped out all my ground cover and roses and put some sort of stupid cutesy bushy things in the garden. Which I’d care more about if I didn’t want to unload my albatross condo already and didn’t have cuttings of my crazy rose. So…whatever. The pear tree Dirge and Shar planted survived the culling and I noticed a sprig of crazy rose growing defiantly out of the twee landscaping. You go you crazy rose you! No MSU plant chick is gonna tell YOU where you can and can not grow! I will sort of miss the outcome of my groundcover turf war between the lily of the valley and the English ivy but not enough to do anything about it.

Then it was off to the comic shop to pick up three year’s worth of comic pulls (yeah, we need to get out there on a more frequent schedule), CVS for scripts and K-Rogets for food like entities. That was 3 more places than I wanted to visit (what? I’d already been to Sam’s and out at the condo I’m really not good for more than one or two stops at a time) so I went home and took a nap. Whooo! I even cracked out my new pillows for the occasion seeing as I was on vacation and all. My other pillows were very flat and micro-squashed as it turns out and just one new pillow took the place of my former flat stack pillow arrangement. The cats and I agreed that my new pillow is teh awesome because it was comfy and the flatted pillows got repurposed for cat beds. Win-win for everyone PLUS a nap.

After my delightful new pillow nap, I boogered around on Warcraft until after work hours when LunarGeography came to pick me up. LG, Badmovie, Nix and I did fajitas and knocked around until TheMan got off work and then it was time for SMITHEE CULLING! Yes indeed, it’s getting on Smithee 18 season and we sat down to look at all the A2 clips to see what we could weed out. We got 4 or 5 categories in before our brains exploded but holy cow do we have some fun clips. We will get to the rest of the Smithee watching this weekend to give our heads time to reassemble before we subject them to more badness.

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2003: Yeah, let’s make a toy where kids can pull the head clean off. That sounds like a brilliant plan.

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