Happy Blog-a-versary to TheMan and Other Nifty Things

TheMan states that tomorrow he will have been (I love the English language, past and present verb tenses to indicate a future happening all in one serving) blogging for a year but in fact last November 21st was his first entry. Ergo, I declare today the official TheMan Blog-a-versary. At least it is so in the booniverse.

OK, yeah about that…remember yesterday with the whole going to bed right after posting thing? Technically I did get to bed after I posted but technically I also got to bed today rather than yesterday. I need a full time bed mom to come and tell me “It’s time for you to be in bed young lady.” And do that stern hands on hips thing until I have gotten all my bed chores done and am all tucked in for the night. Remember that when you were small? You’d be all, “But Moooo-oooom, just one more [fill in the blank]?” and she would say, “No, that’s the second “one more” from you. Now go.”. (Damn, what IS the punctuation on that sentence?) Then you would counter with, “Pleeeeeeeeease?” but it was a no go. Bed time had come and there was no stalling any longer with the night time getting ons. Hmmm, well maybe I don’t really need to go that far back but I still need to tell myself that I am going to bed at X time and then do the whole going to bed thing. I am horrible with follow up.

I remembered what it was that I forgot about yesterday. I even made notes of what I wanted to say today and yes, they are written on an LC card. But of course they are. I only have about 3000 left. That’s not an exaggeration either. We get tons of these things, they’re everywhere. Sadly, the Library of Congress is discontinuing the card giving out love in January and going all electronic. Good news (every time you do your dishes) for the trees, bad news for my obsessive scribbling habit. Did I ever acquaint you all with LC cards? TheMan wanted me to do a bit of explanation last time I mentioned them and I was pretty ambivalent about the whole thing so I can’t quite remember what I did. Was it an “I’m all about the reader, let me ‘splain what I am talking about” day or the more frequent “Bah, I’m too lazy. They will either understand or I’ll get to it later” day. Consider this later. An LC card is a card catalog card as produced by the Library of Congress. It has all this neat bibliographic hoo-ha on one side and a big expanse of note taking blank on the other. Readers, LC Cards. LC Cards, Readers. Talk amongst yourselves.

Back to the thing, which was in this case, jewelry. I pulled out this odd coraly sweater yesterday just to change up the dress a bit, and to let my coworkers know that I indeed have more sweaters than the three or four I seem to always be wearing. I love my new cozy sweaters! I was also feeling matchy and mourned the fact that I did not have anything to adequately pick up the coral accents in my…ummm, entirely coral sweater. OK, maybe it was more like I didn’t have anything to add similar highlights to my coral sweater. That sounds better. Regardless, I had nothing in somewhat pink orange. Does that sound wrong to you? Lately I have been all about the matching of jewelry with my outfit where as just a scant few months ago you could have scraped an inch of dust off of my jewelry box. What gives? I have this desire to be able to pick out anything suitable in silver or gold no matter the color I am wearing. Bizarre.

Do doubt it has to do with my lack of dojo going. I got out of the habit of wearing jewelry because you have to take it off to practice and it became a pain to take it off, store it, take it out of storage at home and put it away, yadda yadda. Now, however, I am getting back into the whole jewelry accents thing, and I’m going to be wearing the wedding ring anyhow so why not have other bits too? We shall see if I continue in this vein when I get back to actually going again (I missed kids class and karate again this Monday and haven’t gone all week because…oh my foot, my stomach, the time, my state of tiredness. You name it, there is an excuse). It is looking very much like Sunday I’ll be back doing lion dance, and as long as I’m there I might as well go Monday to kids class and karate and Thursday and maybe Friday or Saturday…and the vicious cycle starts anew. I think I’m going to limit my dojo to Monday karate, Thursday tai chi and karate and an every other week KFu Friday/Saturday or lion dance Sunday schedule. That should keep my life a bit open while also getting me back into things. Now if I would only get up before work and practice life would be grand. I need that 36 hour day I’m telling ya.

Oi. Last night I realized that I do not have a Japanese Snack Food Review ready to go for tomorrow. Usually I have them written sometime during the week and post them Saturday but not this time. I’m also running out of snack food to review, again. I have almond Pucca for tomorrow, Boton Rice candy for next week and the happi snack cracker mix for the week after but then? Nada. I’d feel better with maybe two more snacks in the wings. Time to go shopping!

Actually, it’s time for a nap. I was up late last night (but not as late as Alessar, but for similar reasons), and the night before, and the night before that and it’s starting to accumulate. I feel, well, drained. The bed was so nice and warm and cozy this morning that I totally missed when TheMan got out and left. The next thing I knew the Borg were going off, which greatly confused me. Why would the Borg be going off if TheMan and I were still in bed? And where was TheMan? When did he leave? Wow! I must have dropped right back to sleep like a rock when the last alarm sounded. I usually don’t get that deeply back to sleep once the alarms go off so I think I must be running on almost empty. Empty and caffeine! Coffee is your friend. I’m still holding the memory of being all snuggled up cozy next to TheMan and burrowed under the blankets in my mind. I think I would like to try to reconstruct that feeling, preferably as soon as possible.

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