Using Your Confidence Points


Tonight while waiting for TheMan, I saw a squirrel almost come to his demise. He (or she, but it’s sorta become a ‘he’ squirrel in my mind) shot out of the gardens, across the sidewalk and into an oncoming car without breaking his stride or trajectory. Usually the squirrels hesitate a bit, hit the gas, see a giant moving [fill in the blank], swerve, stop and/or hesitate and then continue on or go back but not this guy. Right from the gate he was on a mission to get to the other side of the road as fast and efficiently as he could. FsssssssBANG!

So I watched him race out into the road as a car barreled along said road and I could see, with my superior human brain-y power, that there was going to be an eminent physics moment. I was also fairly sure the squirrel wasn’t going to come out on the good side of said moment so I braced for squirrel impact.

Sure enough, the squirrel and the tire met and the squirrel was thrown up and back towards the curb. Ouch. But then, mid fling, he did that cat twisty thing and hit the pavement legs a-pumping. Somewhere short of mach speed, he beelined it back into the garden, up a tree and probably the building as well. He may have gone sub-orbital, I sort of lost track of him once he hit pine.

I have no idea how he didn’t wind up squirrel paste but I know exactly how that would have worked in gaming. The squirrel didn’t quite make his ‘dodge car’ roll and had to use up one of his special game points to not get squished. It was sort of cool to see but now I wonder how he’ll get that point back later if he needs one. Most games don’t give you but one or two “get out of being squished” points.

2007: Lettin my posting points rest up a bit.

2006: Apparently, I have a lot of posting points what need a bit of down time.

2005: JSFR: : Mikawaya Mochi (chocolate chocolate)

2004: I’m also planning on making Halloween cut out cookies some time this weekend to bring into work. Mostly because I have a cat cookie cutter I bought for no apparent reason other than I thought I might not have a cat and it was cute.

2003: Dress. Shoes. Vail. Check, check, check. Undies, well not so much. Hold on…there. All taken care of. I love the internet.

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