Weekend-y Stuff

20th of October? Wow (the expression), time is in a big hurry to get to wherever it’s going isn’t it? I’m a little shocked that it’s the bottom half of October already (and my decorations aren’t even out!!). I wonder if I still have time to do some garden prep stuff…I really should have gotten the back garden ripped out and the food garden all wrastled down but that didn’t so much happen. I think there is still time to do some basic lawn destruction before the end of the year. Maybe. On the other hand, I might wake up tomorrow and discover that it is December so…

OUCH! December! I haven’t even begun to think about Christmas. La-la-la! I can’t hear the steady, inexorable march of time! La-la-la!

Friday is, as usual, a lost cause. Oddly, I remember that we did not stay at home and do a relaxing bunch of nothing like we had planned but I can’t remember what we did do. Smithee stuff? Warcraft? Dinner and a movie? Great, now someone somewhere is getting all upset because we did something with them and I can not remember what. Let’s say, for Law&Order posterity, that we did some Warcraft, Smithee, movie stuff with dinner.

Saturday morning we did Warcraft-y things and I got an awesome hat for my pally. It’s actually a petty useless hat because it’s a tanking hat and I’m not a tanking pally but I was the only plate wearer of the group so I got it. Besides, if you click on the hat you activate its special feature which is your character laughs maniacally like the Headless Horseman. It’s his hat after all. You can not imagine the fun I’ve been having with that hat. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Now all I need is the cloth horseman hat which looks like you are wearing a pumpkin on your head (the plate hat looks like a metal hat with green glowy fire eyes and grinning carved Jack-o-lantern mouth. And horns). Actually, Tan would look better with a pumpkin head and since I already have laugh-y hat on the pally. Maybe I should get the pumpkin hat for the gnome. Hmmm!

Sunday we were going to finish up the Smithee watching and have early Thanksgiving but TheMan fell ill and I was too lazy to make the stuffing. We did have a turkey though and potatoes after a fashion so all was good. I dropped the turkey off at the badgardens and went shopping (at that time I was convinced I could get the stuffing done so I went and got the fixings for it) and then TheMan went plooey. Still, there was turkey a-cooking so I went over to the badgardens and holy wah! Badmovie can babysit a bird like nobody’s business. It was the best freekin’ bird I’ve ever prepped (and had someone else cook). It was so good the bones were falling off the bones.

The mashed potatoes did not go quite as planned so we repurposed them as potato soup (darn you Alton Brown! Not that my choice of potato purchase has anything to do with things…). They made delicious potato soup BTW. We rounded out the evening playing Cthulhu 500 which was the awesome.

2007: Muahahahahaha! Not updating.

2006: MuahahaHAHAHAHAHAH,! still not updating.

2005: I can not believe that I don’t know how the second biggest ball of bright in the sky cycles. It’s the frekkin MOON!

2004: Of course since Sis was the primary lesson giver with the tasty tray of training weenie bits, afterwards whenever anyone tried to get the pup to lie down, Lucy would haul off and lie in front of Sis.

2003: MUAHAHAHAHAhaha…aha….ha wow, that’s getting old.

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