Wine, Wedding and Whooo, am I Tired!

Hey ho! Yeah, I post dated the snack food review so if you came here yesterday looking for your JSFR fix and didn’t get it and now are all upset that it says it was posted yesterday and it was not well…Tough. My blog and I felt like sticking with the snack food review Saturdays. Ha! The good news is that I may write up the Boton rice candy for timely (in the actual timely) posting this coming Saturday. PLUS! I went shopping and got much more Japanese tasty goodness to review. There is a third flavor of Yan Yan, a matching flavor of Pocky and something that I can’t even begin to describe but it has some great engrish on it. Stay Tuned!

Now onto the meat of the entry. I have been itching to update all day so I decided, at the cost of many NeoPoints I might add, to go ahead and do so. Yesterday was the grand old traditional rivalry game of the season between the U and its evil arch out of state nemesis (don’t worry, we have an instate rivalry going as well. Fun and games!). One of the funnier football shirts I have seen goes something like “My two favorite teams are the U and whoever is playing the out of state rival nemesis” Hee! I don’t know who won, but the scoop I have from one of my dojo brothers is that the out of state rival lost, or at least all the out of state fans had really long faces when he went to deliver them pizzas. I could care less, other than I happened to pick that time to be out shopping. Oi! That is just not pretty, folks.

I even knew ahead of time that is was potentially the evilest traffic day of the season, given the teams involved, and still I was all puttering around until zero hour. I did get the instamatic wedding photos all organized and in the photo album we bought so I wasn’t being all frivol like. (And for those of you playing at home, guess what showed up in the mail three hours after I completely assembled the photo album? Remember the AWOL cameras? Bingo! Uncle Ed sent us up the pics from the camera that traveled down with him. Just my luck. The photos integrated nicely so that was good but three hours!) We even got the house all cleaned (mucked) out because we were having the rents over. My rents, TheMan was having his In-Laws over. He is all geeked, “I have IN-LAWS!”. We also had Rob over and he and TheMan bottled the apple wine (mumses and Mr. Paul came in the middle of operations so they had a sit to watch the show. Actually, they came right as one of the bottles had a catastrophic bottom failure and gooshed wine everywhere. Catastrophic bottom failure…sounds very bad no?) before hors d’eouvers. Or however that is spelled. I was doing dishes so I only know this second hand. *sigh* I’m always doing dishes.

Actually, I was doing dishes because we cracked (literally in the case of one tea cup) out the good china for its maiden voyage. One tea cup was basically shrapnel from a bad shipping trip, so it will have to go back (meh. Hate returns) but everything else faired well. Man, it is a LOT of work to entertain! We were glad Rob was here because he was in the living room chatting up the rents while TheMan and I cooked. I suppose if I had gotten my act together earlier things would have been more prepared beforehand but oh well. We cooked up the rice from Randal (not of the 2 Ls) and fired up the espresso maker and finished off the rest of the smoked fish. Yum! We even used one of the platters from Uncle Ed. It was a wedding gift dinner. We, of course, had a taste of the apple wine and YUM! It’s good to go right now.

It was like we were grown-ups! Wheee!

Today we went to church where numerous people came up to congratulate us on our nups. It was pretty cool. Afterwards we zoomed to the Cheese Cheese Cheese shop (yes, it has a real name, no I don’t remember what it is) to see if they had yeast for wine making. TheMan was so geeked about the tastiness of the apple wine that he is all a-go for making another batch. We may have to borrow a carboy from Mr. Paul though, because we only have the four and now we have 2 wines on deck and 3 wines planned (with the addition of apple cider wine) which either leaves us with one wine on the floor or the Q house is going to have to expand the carboy fleet. We are a regular wine making household! That is so cool.

On my trip out during the After Game Traffic Madness I priced out cranberries for our impending cranberry excursion. Hiller’s, which is our local grocery store, had them for a buck a pack which is good? Bad? Typical? I don’t know, I don’t do cranberries! I did make a note though so we could price shop. Knowing Hiller’s tends to be a bit more pricey than K’Rogets (again with the French) or the other super food stores I filed the price for later comparison. As luck would have it, we flew up to the super Krogers on the north side (to get a coffee maker. We deep sixed the old one and haven’t had coffee since. *sniff*) and lo! Their cranberries were twice the price and the clementines were half again as expensive. Whoda thunk a not so big store would have better prices than the mega food corp. No pumpkins though, I’m not sure where we are going to get our pumpkin wine pumpkins.

Man, I am temporally all over the place because the next thing I am going to talk about is Lion Dance practice today. Good thing I’m only covering two days, otherwise you’d never know what the heck happened when. So back to today with the dojo and all. I went back after a year off and MAN am I way out of shape. Puff Puff. I had fun though. We did the basic stepping for 10 minutes (puff) and then got the lion out and I tailed for a two round stint (puff puff) and then I tailed again as we all went through twice (pant) and then, lucky me, I was the odd man and tailed a third time so the last guy could have his second go (gasp). There were an odd number of dancers today so I kept moving up partners. Does that make sense? After that we practiced some instrumentation, then did some lion hand off practice. Kill me! I was sweating like…ummm…a thing that sweats a lot. I loved it too. Afterwards I stuck around and did some practice on my own but gave up after 20 minutes. Stupid foot. Still, that’s 20 minutes and I got some rolls in. Whooo!

Now we are planning on having some cake with Rob later and maybe watching some movies. Mmmm, cake. Apple spice cake with caramel frosting. OK, I’m in my happy place now, I’ll see y’all later.


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