Arctic Blast

Yesterday at this exact time I was out tooling about in a T-Shirt and jeans. Today I’m freezing my whooo-hah (courtesy of the leggings with the GIANT hole in the crotch. I need to do some mending) and other parts of my body that I’d really rather not get that cold. I can’t find my mittens either because it has been so balmy lately and they were just getting in the way when I folded them into my purse. “Oh, I’ll just toss them there for when the weather gets cold.” Hey, guess what? Now where the heck was ‘there’ anyway? Hmmmm.

I don’t mind though. It’s about time winter started thinking about getting here. We have had such amazing weather that I figure we are about due some nose biting cold. Today, we have just that. On the way in it was slushing glop balls from the sky that eventually turned into snowflakes, in the very loose sense of the term. They looked like snow but hit like slush. Now we have the real thing trying to start up. At the moment it’s just a few handfuls of flakes falling from the sky saying “I could be somebody you know. You guys are sooooo lucky. Why I could make your life so miserable if only it were colder and windier and-” *splat*

Today I also decided, for whatever reason (most likely because I have been wearing jeans a whole lot lately and I’m not quite sure my dress code allows for jean wearing, exactly) to dress up all pretty like in a skirt and leggings (with the hole. Forgot about that until I hit the bathroom at lunch time. Whoops!) with matchy sweater and jewelry. I am the picture of dress casual as well as the picture of pocketlessness. I hate women’s clothing because the designers have this notion that business casual women don’t need pockets. My streak of jeans and the occasional pants wearing has gotten me all used to the whole pocket thing so I feel a bit naked today (hole aside). I like pockets. I miss them greatly. I’m also a tad chillier than I like because I’m dressed in women’s dress casual with no pockets and skirty air wooshing action (which the leggings are, theoretically, supposed to cut down but they are gauze in comparison to jeans. Ahhhh, tasty toasty jeans. Jeans with pockets. *sniff*). I need pocketed skirts! I should learn how to sew and make me some pocketed skirts and then find some decent thermal leggings.

I have purdy nail polish on too, speaking of girly girly. I have 4 new bottles of this iridescent two tone polish that is all the rage (pearly white/light pinky pink, pearly rosey/golden tan, dark red/gold, purple/turquoise), not because I have four bottles of shiny sparkly new nail polish but because I have 3 bottles that I thought might work for the wedding and one just because it was shiny sparkly. Of the 3 wedding potentials, I dismissed the red/gold because I thought it would be too dark but now that I look at it on, I realize that it would have been the BOMB with the wedding colors being burgundy and gold. When I go back in time I’ll have to tell myself to go with the darker one. The blue/turquoise looks boss in the bottle but is highly disappointing upon first application. I had to double coat just to get the cool iridescent effect going like it should. Damnit, nail polish should go on great with a single coating, none of this blah wimpy ‘needs another coat’ business.

If you are wondering, yes it does sound like I painted my nails both red/gold and purple/turquoise. I had been itching to polish my nails for the better part of a week and couldn’t decide between the red/gold or purple/turquoise so last night I did both. I have alternating nail color going and it rocks. Pretty! Shiny! And look! It switches color. Ooooo! This is amusement for hours folks. I wonder if my dress code addresses nail polish? How freaky can I go before someone pulls me aside and says “Ahhh, I wanted to talk to you about your attire/accessories.” Hmmmm!

In other news TheMan and I are ramping up to do the cranberry wine extravaganza. There may be a slight hitch do to a yeast stock oversight. If we don’t have viable yeast in the fridge (somewhere) and the order TheMan placed yesterday doesn’t come in before or during the holiday then we are pretty much hosed as far as wine making. I suppose we could just wait until next week when everything is sure to be here but I’m itching to get things going over break. It sucks that both brewing supply houses in town dried up. Bastards! That makes me all sorts of annoyed because everything has to be mail ordered so you better have back ups on hand incase something goes wrong and you need another whatever it is (air lock, yeast, corks) because you aint going to be getting it any time soon through the mail. *shakes fist at the closed/discontinued stock stores*

Sheesh! What is this, Thanksgiving is just three days away! What happened to October??? December is almost here, for crying out loud! Who authorized that? I was at the Asian bakery yesterday and had a chat with an old housemate of mine (whose birthday is in December) and I commented that his birthday is coming up right fast. At first he just gave me the ‘You are on crack, woman’ look and told me that there was plenty of time…loads….gobs…HORDES of time until his birthday (as if I was sauntering up to him in July and telling him his birthday was almost here). Then when he realized that Thanksgiving was coming up and that Thanksgiving was at the end of November and December (in most cases) follows right after he sorta had that stunned look on his face. It’s the one that translates into: Holy CRAP! December is almost here and I have NO IDEA what I’m getting for Christmas presents!

You would think that with the wedding being in November that I’d be right there along with him but I think some part of my brain has been munching on this ‘Christmas Gift Ideas’ problem for quite some time. I have a whole bunch of stocking stuffer ideas for TheMan (which I need to start collecting. I only physically have one of the 10,000 ideas), DQ’s gift is in the bag, I just (like 10:00 am this morning) came up with my idea for the Woman’s Gift Exchange, and I have some other ideas about incidental gifty gifts. OK, you know now that I see my list in action it looks really pathetic. Especially if you could see my ‘no freaking clue yet’ list, which I’m not going to show you because I haven’t yet sat down to see who I need to be thinking for. If I do, I’m likely to go off into the corner for a good cry. The plus side to being a creative person is that I’m pretty sure once I sit down and start thinking I’ll come up with some good ideas. Maybe.

Mmmmm, Christmas. I am very ready for the Yuletide season to be upon us (although I am NOT decorating until after Thanksgiving. Say 12:01 Friday morning). Let it snow!

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  1. dirge Says:

    I haven’t gotten used to the idea that the kids are back from summer vacation, if that tells you anything. Damn, this whole year just flew by!