Warm Fuzzies

So now that I know it’s getting cold I am dressed for the weather. I’m back in jeans again today AND leggings. Comfy Cozy. I may spontaneously combust later if it gets warmer but for now I’m clam happy in the warm.

I tried something a bit new, sort of, with the whole getting dressed thing. Yesterday I futzed around with the bed and made it all up nice (which included moving the blankets back onto TheMan’s side of the bed and then tucking them in about a foot and a half up from the bottom in hopes that he might retain some through the night. Evidently I am a blanket hog. Like I notice in the middle of the night when it’s all warm and snug) with the five plus two layers. We currently have a pile of blankets for lack of one Do The Job comforter (because the damn cats keep yarking on the thick blankets. Bastards) so the boo bed starts with a layer of sheet (600 count cotton sateen. Mmmmm, sateen. Currently that is, I don’t want to give the impression that ALL our sheets are mega pricey bazillion weave extravagant things. Just the one), the old green blanket that was my mother’s blanket in college. It might need to be retired, it’s a little thread worn. Next is the new thermal blanket that was a wedding gift from Barb and Jeff. After that is our only surviving comforter (that hasn’t been yarked on due to it’s being several layers under) that is OK, but not as winter solid as I would like. Lastly, for the big blankets, is the new shiny quilt from Donald (also a wedding gift). I wish I could remember what TheMan called the little knurled edges this morning. It was darned funny, especially in context with their determination to hide out in his nose all night. Maybe they were cold. OK, maybe you had to be there to understand the funny in that but it was.

We also have a couple of throw blankets that are good foot cozies and also serve as the first line of defense against the dreaded yark. It is so much easier to put a throw in the washer than a bulky comforter. Wish we had thought of this three thick blankets ago. Stupid cats. Anyway, none of this is the new I was talking about, I was just trying to set the scene. Yesterday, in making the bed, I decided to sandwich my clothes for the next day between the new blanket and the comforter. The thought was that the body heat from TheMan and I would keep them warm and they wouldn’t be quite a shock to put on in the morning. I think I used to do this way back when I lived alone and kept the house at chilly nippy. I love sleeping in chilly nippy, although you do have to deal with chattery midnight runs to the bathroom and chilly goosebumpy clothes in the morning.

It worked! More or less. There is that cool off time during the shower when the clothes are receiving no body heat which I thought might negate the whole effort of cramming them under in the first place. I might be lucky with the cats though, they did seem to enjoy sleeping on the clothes spots. It’s like the princess and the pea; somehow the felines know that there are clean clothes under there and they must sit on them. So, I pulled on my covered clothes and…eh. They were not happy toasty warm like I had envisioned (except for the middle part of the sweater that the Little Kitty was sleeping on) and I thought them to be rather tepid. THEN I pulled on my pants, which had not been under the covers. Holy witch’s titty Batman! Denim gets DAMN cold when left hanging around a chilly morning room.

So my perception of tepid room temperature covered clothing was actually more like warm enough not to suck all the remaining body heat out of the nearest three bodies. The down side to this whole experiment is that the clothes weigh an awful lot when added to the current pile of banketage we have going on. All night long I was under the impression I was running into cats when in reality I was hitting the spot where the sweater was. I’m not sure on that, but the thought of all my clothes being as chilly as my jeans is quite frightening. I am not so much the cold weather person.

I’m also really sleepy today too. It was very weird waking up this morning in that I just could NOT keep my eyeballs open. Very rarely am I so tired that my eyes are most comfortable half lidded or even closed for a bit…zzzzzzzzzzz. See? Exactly. I’m not one of those people who are so out of it in the morning that they need a shower or a dozen alarms or even the alarm clock on the other end of the room in order to be awake enough to function. I’m pretty much instantly at about 80% functionality when the alarm rings. beep beep *smack* HOWDY! Sometimes the alarm doesn’t even get a second beep in before I’m up and have it turned off. Not this morning, however. The alarm beep beeped and my eyeballs thought about opening, briefly, but then decided that closed was so much easier. TheMan took first shower (and I love him! I’m not sure I could have gotten out of bed and up the stairs without falling comatose again) and it was enough for me to get to maybe 45% but I was dragging.

I still am and it just may call for a coffee run. I’ve already had a cup of Joe from the new French press we picked up and…nada. I am at a loss as to why I am so tired because I think I had a sound sleep and I don’t feel “tired because of a bad night” tired but I feel tired as in “I was really having a good time sleeping and I’m trying to get back to that zone of snooze” tired.

So what did I do yesterday anyway that could have prompted this? Not a whole lot, really. I went to kid’s class and had the usual fun and the usual sort of “Errrmmmm…now what” that I have been experiencing as of late. There are three helpers (Daren, Charlie and myself) and the instructor (Zeff) and somehow I always end up the last instructor on the floor. I gotta think that women’s clothing just takes that much longer to put on because I’m always last dressing at the dojo as well as at home. Maybe it’s just me, although I don’t feel particular pokey in the getting clad department. Hmmm. Anyway, by the time I get back up to the practice floor, the other two helpers have areas they are working on and I have…wherever I put myself, basically. Sometimes Zeff gives me his group of kids, sometimes I find some area to hang out and give pointers but a lot of the time it’s a three person set up and I feel like a fourth wheel.

I also often get drafted to run crowd interference at demonstrations (which involves answering the parent’s questions, keeping people out of the office area and fielding the phones) rather than lead the kids through their reps. Is it because I suck and they would rather have the other two out on the floor or is it a greater responsibility to manage the house and keep things more or less running smoothly where the parents are concerned? Sometimes I wonder, even thought I know I tend to look at the negative more than the positive in these situations, why I’m placed where I am in these events.

Speaking of demonstrations, we are gearing up for another kid’s class demonstration in early January so we all got our break down sheet of who’s going to be taking what group through their paces. Daren has the white belts and single tags (the youngest of the batch), I have the next level of kids (two and three tags) and Charlie has the colored belts. This makes perfect sense as Daren isn’t in Karate (but a senior in Aiki), I’m only Rokokyu (and a standing quasi member of the KFu seniors) while Charlie is…Sankyu? Yankyu? I can’t remember if he has his brown belt proper or whether brown belt will be his next promotion. Anyway, we are divided up according to our karate knowledge but I miss my white belts. I really liked working with the new kids (although all the kids are fun to work with in one form or the other) the most. My two and three tags are bored and a bit restless with the material so it is much harder to keep them focused. They want to do what the older kids are doing but their form (in a word) really kinda sucks. They need to get much better, which means they need to practice what they have learned over and over until they get it, not just so they can parrot it back. There is a difference and it is really hard to work with kids who want something new! and shiny! when they really need to polish what they know before they move on.

Even this kid needs to get out the buffing cloth. I did not go to karate last night and my foot is grateful for that omission. I’m not so thrilled though because I really wanted to go (although, the lazy person in me says “Good thing because my legs were beginning to hurt in kid’s class: they would have been quivering meat in adult class”). I’m on this roll since Sunday. I wanna get back into things, I wanna scrape the rust off and get my forms dusted off. I want to be solid in my karate and KFu rather than the current “I think this is it…?” feeling I have been having as of late. It comes from not practicing.

Zeff was nice enough to work with me after kid’s class and help me with Nihanchi Shodan (I was thoroughly stuck, having totally blanked on a single transition move. That bites, to know ABC and E but to have obliterated all knowledge of D from your mind) and afterwards at home I had TheMan take dictation while I did the form so I have notes. Just incase I decide to forget D. Or A or any of it. I also learned more of Empe Taka and I wrote that down too. Tonight I plan to go through them a couple of times each and I just might write them in my little forms book. If I can find it. Hmmm!

Man, I gotta go get me some tea or coffee or something. Oi!

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