Pre Holiday Musings

The color of pissed and lovely cappuccinos.

Hello all! Man, I am in the best of moods today (manic anyone?) considering I was just short of murdering total strangers for talking yesterday. Truly, my anger had its own color palate. I went out to post some letters that were dropped off at my desk rather late in the work day with instructions to ‘make sure they got out in the 5pm post’. Since internal post goes out in the mornings I had to scrounge up actual stamps and a mail box to stuff the letters in. Thus, my late afternoon trip to the Union where there is a drop box and the loveliest coffee shop ever. It is too the best coffee shop on the face of this earth, especially when you know they still might have everything bagels that they will toast and butter for you. I was having a bagel thing and there was going to be NOTHING that stood between me and my quest for crunchy goodness.

You know you are in an irrationally crappy mood when the single counter person is making drinks and sandwiches to the best of their solo person ability and you start seeing red. I WANT MY BAGEL DAMNIT! I want it yesterday too! Don’t make me angry(ier), you wouldn’t like me angry! That and the two chicks in front of me who were blah blahing about stuff in reasonable voices that, to any sane person, would even be thought of as at least soothing if not melodic. To me they just made me scream inside “Shut up! Shut Up! ShutUpShutUpShutUP AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” I was just shy of ramming an ice pick in both of their eyes multiple times. The only thing stopping me was the lack of an ice pick. One of the bitches even ate the last free sample on the plate. Ice pick!

But I got my bagel and that made me happier, or less homicidal, and everything went peachy (in the squishy bruised peach sort of way) from then on out. I did have to go back to work which was a drag but there was only about thirty minutes left in the day and I figured that was doable without fatalities. Mmmm, bagel. When I got back to my desk, the person who gave me the mailing job then told me that they didn’t mean for me to go out and post them. Oops, my bad. I must have misinterpreted your “Can you put stamps on these and do what you normally do with letters? I want these out for the 5:00 pick-up.” as “Could you please stamp these and make sure they get out by 5:00?” Silly me.

Enough about that, though. I had a good sleep, a wonderful morning snuggle with TheMan and a nice cappuccino, courtesy of our new espresso machine. I even bought some espresso beans from the Union coffee shop (and they stunk up my office and the car and the house. Thems is some pow’ful beans!) but alas, we have no grinder so I didn’t have a perfect cappuccino. Still, the espresso grind we do have isn’t bad with milk and a packet of sugar and what with my sleep and snuggle, all that goodness is apparently enough to swing my mood around. I may even take a quick jaunt to the Union and get me a free cup o Joe since I have enough punches in the coffee club card to do so. I might not though, there are NeoPoints to be gotten!


Well, there are lots of things rattling in my brain that I would love to jot down but I am WAY overdue with a letter to my G’ma. Have a happy Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it and if not, at least have some mashed taters. They are the best part of the whole meal. Mmmmm, taters.

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