Last Harvest

It’s been dipping down into the chilly temps the past week or so and someone mentioned “killing frost towards the end of the week”. My hot pepper plants are still flowering and have maturing peppers hanging from them so I’ve been letting them percolate to ripe but killing frost sounds like something that will stop a pepper in its tracks. Thus, I made a plan to go out Thursday or Friday and pick everything that wasn’t a budding flower from my garden.

I woke up Wednesday to discover that the outside temperature was 31 degrees. Well then, apparently the killing frost doesn’t have a really good sense of time ‘cuz I’d put Tuesday to Wednesday night in the earlier part of the week rather than the later. Then again, maybe the killing frost isn’t the first time the temperature dips below freezing. No matter, I went and yanked all the viable veggies from the garden and now I have a small pot full of hot peppers I need to do something with.

Quite a small pot, actually. Hrrmph.

Speaking of lasts, we have been eyeballing the Dairy Queen lately as we drive by it because they had a sign out announcing their last day was the 21st. I was all about stopping and getting a last day blizzard because…well I like Dairy Queen and the last open day of the year seemed like a right fine excuse to get me some frozen treats. This we did and when we walked up to the window we were greeted with a sign that read-

We are out of:
Snickers, Peanut Butter Cups, Nestle Crunch, M&Ms, Nerds, Peppermint Patties, Oreos, Butterfinger, peanut butter, brownies, waffle cones, pineapple, strawberries, strawberry dip, caramel, sprinkles, food

or something thereabouts. They actually had brownies and I don’t know if Peppermint Patties are even on the list but there were about 20 items that had just run out and weren’t being replaced. My favorite list item was ‘food’. Heh. Sadly, the lack of over half their Blizzard toppings made ordering a Blizzard really tough. I’d get an idea and…no Snickers. OK, what about…no Heath. I’ll settle for…no M&Ms? ARRRGH!!!! I finally got something chocolaty and delicious but not as delicious as ‘The Ultimate Chocolate’ Blizzard. TheMan got that and when Dairy Queen opens again, I’m going to have to remember ‘The Ultimate Chocolate’ Blizzard wrocks. It may even be better than a Mud Pie Blizzard with Snickers (which I couldn’t get because they actually were out of Snickers. That one I remembered. And pineapple for some reason).

Wednesday we got the opportunity to get free ice cream at Coldstone Creamery because they were doing something or other. Rolling out new cakes? We got free samples of pumpkin ice cream pie and exTREME chocolate something or other cake. We also got some actual ice cream-ice cream since I was feeling a little weird about walking in and only eating the free and they had a double dark chocolate ice cream of doom that needed to be tried. It is very dark and delicious and chocolaty and I like it better with brownies.

2007: Sort of a ham handed red herring that made me want to eat the author’s face off for making me wade through three quarters of the book for a stupid 14 year old irrelevant bologna sandwich.

2006: It’s got about a billion functions and it’ll do just about everything including windows if you give it a bottle of glass cleaner and park it close enough.

2005: It was all possessed like and making the “Fffffzbip” start up computer noise, which would have been peachy if it indeed had been started up.

2004: We are out of: Update.

2003: That looks mighty weird to see oodles of birds all hanging out on a 45 degree slant.

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