Good Days, Bad Days.

Happy last day of November, everyone. 31 more short, tiny miniscule days and we will be leaving the jolly year of 2003 behind us. In honor of the passing of another year, I thought I might post every day until the end but that seemed rather ambitious. It’s 6:30 pm and I still haven’t taken a shower or really gotten dressed yet so that should tell you about ambition and the state of it at the Q house. However, for those of you playing at home, you may have noticed the long string of continual posting. Two weeks, in fact, if I keep it up through Thursday. I’m not saying I will, I’m just saying I might. The same goes for the whole December thing. We shall see.

Despite my stinky existence, there actually has been a lot happening here. TheMan, who is also my staunch companion in utter laziness today, and I have both been busy. We got up at 10ish, and stayed up (yea!) and I started doing laundry. I am still doing laundry and if the soap holds out I may be doing laundry into the wee hours of the night. The more I do, the more there seems to be to do. Of course I didn’t have to strip the bed back to its basic elements and give them all a good scrubbing and I don’t have to wash all the truck blankets but if the soap holds out who knows what will happen.

So laundry. Lots of it. In fact, I think I have to take a quick jaunt downstairs to see if things are ready to switch over. Just a minute. Perfect timing! The dryer stopped just as I was finished filling the washer. Whooo. Man, that’s just the most scintillating bit of writing yet, don’t you agree? Want to know the worst part? As I was putting away the latest batch of clean clothes (yes, not only am washing the clothes but I am putting them away just after they come out of the dryer. No really! I can hardly believe it. I HATE folding and that’s not even the worst part) I thought to myself “I can’t wash the quilt because it’s too big but the pillow shams! I can wash those!” AHHHH! I’ve turned into some sort of cleaning fiend!

All in all today I have done, well laundry, and I did a mess of dishes too (more with the cleaning) and I made coffee and pancakes this morning and cheesey rolls and soup with extras for dinner. Now I’m giving that boxed cake we have living up on the fridge the hairy eyeball. It wants to be baked! I can hear it calling. Boooooooo…..baaaaaaaaake meeeeee. I don’t know what that’s about either but apparently I gotta be baking today too. Man, my soup rocked. My cheesey rolls rocked too. I bet the cake would rock as well. Caaaaaake!

Hee. Christmas also went up, in part, today. TheMan put the light net on the upstairs windows, we put the wreath up (we still need to get another hook to put Grandma Minnie’s wreath up on the inside) and I got the Hummels out. That involved organizing my dresser top, which meant finding a place for the Bionicles, which meant putting the sound system back on top of the bookshelves, etc. and so forth. The bedroom now has a good chunk of it organized.

OH! Man, we did a whole bunch of organizing! I forgot about the living room! We had DQ over yesterday for the 4 hour Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers marathon so TheMan and I did some scraping out of the living room. Pretty soon the whole house is going to be cleaned! Well, OK I’m not that optimistic but these four days have been a time of major project accomplishment. Cleaning, organizing (TheMan even cleaned out my closet AND put together the dresser to go inside it. Whooo!), wine making, cooking, we were super industrious!

Back to the Two Towers. If you have the chance to see the four hour movie of doom it is well worth it. The theatrical version cut out at least two continuity scenes (one explains where the horse comes from that finds Aragorn after he and the Warg go cliff diving and the other better explains the legion of Elvish archers) and several scenes from the book that were nice to see (the trees hanging out at Helmsdeep and Merry and Pippin drinking the Entfood). None of the new (or previously cut) material seemed out of place so the four hour version is a great movie (albeit four hours) and I would go as far as to say it is better than the theatrical version, but four hours long. Oi! That’s a lot of movie. See it though if you have the chance, it is really good.

We made wine! It isn’t burbling yet, which is a bit distressing, but it has another day to get its act together. If that doesn’t work, I think the plan is to give it a jump start with the new yeast that we have coming in. I’m hoping that doesn’t screw anything up because the cranberries were not pleasant to prepare. I’m still bruised! It would suck rocks if we had to redo the entire cranberry thing. BAH!

Speaking of pains in the…body parts, I think we are going to have to prep the pumpkin wine sooner than we had thought. I looked in on our happy little pumpkins and they are turning this alarming spotty mottled color. DQ suggested that they might have gotten cold and are now suffering a frost burn type thing, which means they will need to be peeled and processed much sooner than we had anticipated. AHHH! No more fruit prep! I don’t care if pumpkins are technically vegetables, my palms are still technically bruised from the cranberries. Wah! Oh well, there is still plenty of today left and peeling pumpkins will keep me from baking the cake. I don’t have enough eggs to properly make it up but that doesn’t seem to be stopping me (egg replacer!) and it will probably be better for all if I start on the pumpkins. Pumpkins pumpkins pumpkins, keep them pumpkins rolling!

In closing of this holiday, we got some really cool great news (but I have to ask my mumses if I can write it or not) and some very, very bad news. Hmmm, that sort of leaves me telling the bad news. Sorry. My sis called me up today and let me know that Mr. Paul’s pup of 11 (13?) years died early this morning. We went over to mum and Mr. Paul’s yesterday and Annie was wheezing a bit alarmingly. Through the night I guess she got worse and worse and when they took her to the vet she passed away. Mumses said Annie was never frightened and that they got to stay by her side but it’s still very sad.

Pets are a two edged sword; they love you and give you love but it is pretty much a guarantee that they are going to die before their owners. It’s tough when they do but I think having them outweighs losing them. Annie was a good dog and we all loved her. Head scritchies for you, little pup wherever you are.

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