Last Weekendy Update of October

It’s pretty much exactly a year since this pic was taken. Huh. We didn’t drive nearly the miles but we got some cool things. My weekend, let me show you it!

Well alright…my weekend, let me tell you about it. Whatever. The surprising news for today is that I remember what we did Friday. HaHA! Mostly because we planned to get a frozen pizza and have a gamers night in and then we did just that.

By the way, I was reminded of what we did last Friday and that was dinner and Smithee stuff. So get off my back you future Law&Order peoples, I’ve got it documented.

How legal is blogging? Do I have to have a receipt for my Friday activities? “Dear Badmovie and LunarGeography. I don’t know if you remember 7 years ago when we did Smithee clip culling but would you mind being my alibi so these pesky Law&Order folk quit bother me? Thanks ever so much – your about to be incarcerated friend, boo.”

Saturday we did more of the same Warcrafty stuff and got some cool phat lootz. One of our group got the Headless Horseman’s horse which is a really cool mount. You can use it as a ground mount and as a flying mount anywhere in the game. That’s pretty rad. It also seems to count as a fast mount if you have fast mount riding training. Plus, it looks cool. We didn’t do any heroic dungeons since Saturday morning is apparently heroic dungeon reset time. Daaang.

We also discovered the hovering flying ships with the ton o’ dead things are back so we wailed on them for a while. They give crazy rep with the anti-undead guys and every once in a while a rare one spawns and drops some pretty fantastic stuff. TheMan got new pants for his shammy, I got nuttin of substance but it was a lot of fun smackin around hordes of undead things. I just wish they didn’t have two cool things going at once because I’d like to get a headless horsey AND the plate drops from the undead dudes. That’s a lot of warcraft though.

Saturday evening was Rob’s Halloween party so we did not play WoW (the game) all day. HoHO! The party was, as usual, a lot of fun. I recycled the BSoD shirt and TheMan stole Badmovie’s ‘Clippy’ shirt idea and we went as…technology something or other. TheMan and I brought over the fixins for mummy dogs (which I did not get a pic of…again) but Rob had a bazillionty different food items already. The dogs still went pretty fast which made me smile.

Sunday I headed on out to Wasem’s for cider and pumpkins. TheMan caught himself a head cold but sent me with pumpkin instructions and cider buying instructions. I came home with an awesome 40 pound pumpkin ($14!! Score!) and a awesome TheMan spec pumpkin plus a pie pumpkin (it called to me!) and the cutest decoration ever. The had tiny bales of hay that I fell in love with. They fit in an apple bag and are perfect for my tiny pumpkin to sit on so it doesn’t feel so inferior to my ginormous pumpkin. I love Halloween!

We also got donuts and discovered that they have a NEW flavor of donut: Cherry. Arrgh! How am I supposed to decide on just 12 donuts when there are now 20 different donut choices??!?? ARRRGH!!! Then it was homeward to drop off my spoils and then back to the badgardens. I hung out for the rest of the day doing some internet boogering, socializing and TV watching. It was quite relaxing actually and we made nachos for dinner. Mmmm, nachos.

2007: Contemplating Halloween and not updating.

2006: Those crazy Zmobies. I brought a couple of them in today and have been giving them away to people. Zmobies of the world…uhhh…BRAAAAAINS!

2005: I’d like to report that someone unzombied my zombie, again, but this time I was able to get into a building, die and come back rezombied. Huzzah! And buffet!

2004: After all, how hard can it be to just pick up a goose and throw it in the oven? It’s vaguely turkey like and sorta chickenesque and I’ve cooked both.

2003: You know, sock puppets, lip synching, the fact that I already had Girly-Girl puppet on and of course you need two puppets to lip synch to during Bohemian Rhapsody.

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    The Mummy dogs continue to rock and rock and rock. I want to have a bad movie/dinner night wherein the theme is mummies so the mummy dogs can make a triumphant return to my kitchen.

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