NaNoBloMe 2008

The baby Jesus tells me that November approaches quite quickly and with that National Novel Writing Month and National Blogging SomethingWhatever Month. Seriously, the blogger’s acronym is completely unfathomable. NaNoWriMo? Catchy. NaBloSomWhatMo? Huh? What? WriBloMoHo. MoMoMoMo? I can’t even figure it out. Heck, the Baby Jesus would be hard pressed to figure that out and he’s godnipotent.

OK, I looked it up and it’s National Blog Posting Month. NaBloPoMo? Who thinks of these things? Anyway, they have a little sign up page and all that warm fuzzy stuff and the goal is to post a blog entry a day for the month of November. They also, in a not so fuzzy way, don’t want you to miss a day and post date because that wouldn’t be in the spirit of artsy something craft whatever. A true blogger should carve out an hour in the day no matter what and devote it to his or her craft. If you are unable to do this then…they will just have to do something internetty dreadful. Or something. Hey, any plan that does not have any wiggle room for post dating is a flawed plan in my book.

OK, I just asked the Baby Jesus and he is perfectly fine with post dating so I’m thinking about BloPoHoHoing in high boo style. I did it last year, I’ll do it again AND I will post date with abandon. I will probably also have a lot more recipe posts and picto blogs but you get what you pay for.

Do you know what I imagine makes the Baby Jesus uncomfortable? Mean people, that’s what. Mean entitled people. Mean, entitled people driving cars. Love thy road neighbor, peoples!

So what would happen if, say, someone engineered a bug or a virus that attacked and devastated just tobacco plants? Other than a terrific loss of jobs for everyone connected to the tobacco industry but really…what are tobacco plants used for other than stuffing cigarettes, cigars and pipes? Anything? Oh sure there would be a whole lot of nicotine deprived and withdrawal crazy smokers for a couple months or so but if there were no more tobacco plants left in the world what would happen? I like to think that maybe we could cure up some of the smoking illnesses and idiocy but some part of me thinks that maybe the tobacco industry would just find another plant, stick some sort of liquid nicotine in it and continue on.

The Baby Jesus reminds me to tell you to get out and vote this coming Tuesday if you are an American citizen of voting eligibility. Voting makes the Baby Jesus happy, just look at his little smiling face.

OK, The Baby Jesus looks like that pretty much all the time because he’s painted that way but still, voting is cool. I don’t care who you vote for (although I do have a suggestion if you are undecided) I just care that you go out and vote. I’ll even make cookies. (Note to self: Get cookie fixings.)

I may have over planned my Saturday. Is Warcraft, a bonfire party, dinner with a friend and a Halloween party of another friend too much? Possibly. I’m going to keep the schedule for as long as I have energy to accomplish said goals though. I wonder if I should include “make more stock” just to crazy it up even more.

By the way, the archives are back up. I’ve also changed the linking at the bottom to just plain old boring 2007, 2006, etc. I sort of miss “last year” and “last last year” but they are a pain in the butt to copy and paste into the next year’s footer because “last year” needs to become “last last year” and so on. 2007 will, for the most part, always be 2007. That’s your boo, sucking all the creativity out of the previous booniverses footer. I’d say that I make the Baby Jesus cry but we’ve already established the fact that he does not, in fact, do anything but smile all the time. That’s kinda creepy, actually.

2007: Then we had LunarGeography and Badmovie over for pork loin and movies and sometime in the midst of all that, this pumpkin acquired a hot pad beret. Apparently, he/she/it is French.

2006: I don’t recommend crocheting while partaking of rum and itty bitty Cokes while listening to comedy. On the other hand, whoever gets the blanket will have a fun time playing find the rum errors.

2005: JSFR: Hitikuchi Monaka

2004 I’m not sure exactly how the movie started out because I was playing with my shiny cookie cutters but as far as I know, you can skip the first 20 minutes and not miss much. Plus, you get to organize your cookie cutters by holiday that way too.

2003: Five things that:

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    Did I make the baby Jesus mad when I scraped clay off of him the other day? He should be mad at my student who put clay on him in the first place!

    In other news, I saw a squirrel narrowly avoid a squishin’ (by a bike this time) when I was at EMU on Tuesday and I thought of your post. The squirrel actually turned to look at me and it reminded me of the picture you posted. That same devil-may-care, ne’er do well look on its face, almost daring me to do something to it.

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