Trick or Treats

I took the day off today just on account and it was a good thing too. Long about 2pm I finally figured out how I wanted to carve my 40 pound pumpkin. Behold! Orc(ish) Pumpkin 2008!

You would think that a giant sized pumpkin would have oodles of pumpkin seeds but not so much. There was a lot of hollow space in my pumpkin and probably the same amount of seeds as smaller pumpkins past. I fixed them up anyway and set them to cook.

I decided not to carve up the tiny pumpkin and just left him on his tiny bale. TheMan’s pirate pumpkin is on the left. Giant Orc Pumpkin is in the middle RARH!

I did not get the decorations up this year (sadness) because October went by so fast. One minute it’s the first of October and then BAMN trick-or-treaters are at my door. YIKES!!!

2001 = 50
2002 = 55
2003 = 33
2004 = 54
2005 = 55
2006 = 26
2007 = 37
2008 = 32

I wonder if the kids from back in ’01 and the other high number years have grown and moved on from trick-or-treating. There’s a pretty reasonable trend from ’06 onward but those numbers are about a third less than the previous years. It’s not that they are coming earlier either because I’ve been home most of the late afternoon and evening and the first kidlet didn’t come a-knocking until about 7 or so. *shrug* I don’t know what’s up with the trick-or-treat trends. So I’ll leave you with a picture!

2007: Happy Halloween all! We’re all set at the Q house for a night of spooky fun. We’ve got cheeses, wine, Ghost Hunters on the TV and a bowl full of toys for Trick-or-Treaters.

2006: Just as I was rounding the rocking chair hung with rejected strings of lights, the door opened and little costumed tykes started burbling into the house! Ahhhhh-HEY! What – NO TRICK OR TREATERS IN MY HOUSE! Get out you! And you too! Out!

2005: We did not get our pumpkins carved, which means tonight will be another episode of the seven second Jack-o-lantern.

2004: Just a bit of seasonal joy.


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  1. Kevin Says:

    We had oodles more trick or treaters this year than last. At least in part (I think) because the weather was nice this year, as opposed to last year’s cold + windy.

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