A Splody


Remember Thursday when I listed all my plans for Saturday and thought I just might have over planned my day? I wound up dropping exactly none of my plans and that was a very long day indeed. We did the usual Warcraft things in the morning, then I got showered and headed on out to pick up my Crazy Leveling Coworker for the department picnic (TheMan came down with some ill; he thinks it’s a lingering ill from previously. I think he’s allergic to company picnics). We drove forever out to Adrian (basically drive 9 days west until you hit Clinton, then drive 7 days south until you get to the place), had an awesome time (donut casserole WROCKED yo. Recipe to appear Thursday) and then got lost on the way back home.

You would think that we could retrace our steps fairly easily considering we turned once but somehow we wound up in Dundee instead of back home. On the plus side, we got to drive by Cabellas.

Due to our unexpected field trip to Out of the Way, I was already an hour late for dinner with Scott H. by the time I got home. Then I dropped my awesome 3 quart casserole dish, which still contained a couple servings of Tim Bits pudding, all over the place when I was trying to juggle things out of the trunk of the bug. You wouldn’t believe the shatter radius of a three quart casserole dish when dropped from knee height onto its button topped lid. When I go about killing a dish, I do it in high style. We found shards under the bug, to the side of the bug, in the neighbor’s lawn, in my garden and five feet out into the driveway beyond the impact point. It was the maiden voyage of my Christmas gift casserole dish too. *sniff* At least it left this Kitchenly Earth holding the best bread pudding recipe ever. Seriously. Try it.

Well, try it without the glass shards.

By the time we got the mess cleaned up (hooray TheMan! He came out after I threw a little T-Rex fit about dropping the damned dish) I figured Scott was well and done with dinner. However, no sooner did we get the last glittery donut glop off the driveway than we got a call from Scott H. Dinner was still going strong, so we took off and got to our third Saturday plan two hours late. We ate and hung for a bit and then went our merry way. I gave Alessar a call to bow out of his party but only two people came and that kinda sucks so we dropped by. I’m glad we did because we got to watch The Zombies of Sugar Hill and that was an awesome B+ movie. It was even too good for the Smithees despite being a blacksploitation zombie movie. Weird.

We got home, we collapsed.

Sunday I made up sugar cookie dough for election cookies but did not get to cutting them out. Ima going to have one busy Monday night!

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2 Responses to “A Splody”

  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    I went to college at Adrian College. If you go again, I’ll draw you a super secret map which involves Matthews Highway where you can go 90MPH if you want. Take my word on that one.

    Sorry about the dish 🙁

  2. Boo Says:

    90MPH might have cut back on the time we were late to our other engagements! Thanks for your casserole dish well wishes. I think I either need a smaller 3 quart dish (in dimensions, not in volume) or a larger hot carrier thingie. Perhaps this was the universe’s way of hinting at that.

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